bohemian love

almost five years ago, i put on a blind-fold and took hold of his hand, not knowing where to go, not knowing where we’ll end up. here we are and our hands are still tightly entwined.

styling and production design – cuckoo cloud concepts
photography – marlon capuyan
hmua – erika diaz

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  1. These are just beautiful G. As I have said already, you make for a really beautiful bride. Is this cuckoo company your new endeavor? Congratulations, these are really aHmazing!


  2. Awwww. Kahilakon gyud ko'g mga ingon ani oi. I can't help cry in a wedding, too. And I know these are just photos but you both look so happy and so in love. <3

    Magkita unya ta oi! =)


  3. I love this! You look absolutely radiant. Where did you shoot this? X


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