love conquers all: why i do what i do

such a cheesy title, isn’t it? well, it’s true no matter how much we deny it. love is really one of the reasons why i choose to do what i do — style for engagement shoots and weddings. we don’t just get to do what we love which is expressing our love for art and crafts, we also get to meet new amazing people. people who are in love. 
styling for Christian and Sheila was truly an honor, especially after hearing their love story and what they went through. they’ve been together for 7 years and have gone through so many trials that rival that of a teleserye and yet they’re still going strong and still look like high school sweethearts. here are some of the behind-the-scene shots, of course with the mandatory outfit shots (*wink*). As for the actual photos of this lovely engagement session by the ocean, check them out here

green and brown boho tunic – thrifted | denim cut-offs – thrifted | leopard print boots – forever 21, gifted by sister | brown sunnies – fashion de bella | bangles – DIY, gifted and downtown finds | peacock earrings – downtown find | nail art by me

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bohemian love

almost five years ago, i put on a blind-fold and took hold of his hand, not knowing where to go, not knowing where we’ll end up. here we are and our hands are still tightly entwined.

styling and production design – cuckoo cloud concepts
photography – marlon capuyan
hmua – erika diaz

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How To Pop The Question by

When it comes time for a guy to pop the question to a loved one, he must be aware of the kind of engagement ring the woman wants and her ring size. Throughout your time together, you can gather information to help you decide what ring will be the best choice as she will undoubtedly drop hints about what she really likes. Once chosen, you must also be aware that the ring will be expensive. Although the lowest prices seem to be on the web, you can also find great deals at stores. There are seasons and times when rings of this quality are put on sale. If you spend the time, you can find diamonds at a discount. In you can buy a loose diamond now and a ring setting later on which will allow you to save money for the next step.
Once purchased, you must also have a romantic plan in which to present her the ring. Many choose the most famous love holiday of all, Valentine’s Day, while others pick other holidays such as birthdays or even Christmas. While that may be a good idea for some, it can be any day and it will be appreciated no matter when you decide to make the leap. It is imperative that you pick a spot that has meaning to the both of you as this memory will last forever and will be very near and dear to her heart. The location of your first date or where you were when you first felt love for her are good options. Remember, this is the woman who will be your wife and you must make it a memorable day out of respect and love. Whatever the circumstance, diamonds will make that day special along with the love that you express to her by asking her to marry you.
When contacted me to sponsor my blog, how could I say no? Not only is it a good way to give a hint to Harry that I am so ready to get hitched (*wink*), their site actually offers a wide range of jewelries perfect for any occasion. My favorites would have to be these babies:
The best thing about is their ‘Build Your Own Ring’ feature which allows you to either start with choosing the setting or start with the rock. If your boyfriend knows you well and knows what kind of diamond you would love to wear then is perfect for you. I myself would prefer the asscher diamond on a tapered cathedral setting, just a classic and elegant cut. So for those ladies who are ready like me, go ahead and envision your perfect engagement ring by trying out their ‘Build Your Own Ring’ feature — he just might see you browsing the and get a hint as well.

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