Cebu Fashion Bloggers: Starting a Community

inspired by recent get-together that the Manila bloggers had just a few weeks ago, we decided to get our asses moving and actually build a community here in Cebu. the brainchild of this whole event, Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics and i contacted everyone we could possible know who blogs about fashion and personal style and planned an intimate dinner, where everyone can get acquainted. the venue was at Veranda, in Park Mall and the night ended with of course, lots and lots of photos. we missed a few people though and we really do hope they could join us next time.
Toni Pino of Perfumed Red Shoes, as pretty as ever. my style muse for who’s leaving for Cali in a couple of days. i’m happy for her but now i have to look for another model. lol.
the amazing Pino sisters with their equally amazing necklaces. i die!
(left-right) Gillian Uang of Detail by Details, Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics, yours truly, Issa of  Little Black Sheep Fashion and Vanessa East of Being Miss East

 Eden and her blazin’ red hair!

Me and Lyka Raagas of Crazy/Beautiful. we’ve been friends since 2006 actually so it was awesome to have someone i knew that long, that night.

Maan Cajipe and Liezyl Gomez of The Red Diary

 Check out Neil San Pedro’s awesome skull ring that he personally customized and hand-carved!

Gillian Uang and Neil San Pedro of NFBlogs

 Gillian Uang, Vanessa East and Me

this photo was supposed to be a candid one but Eden’s camera’s flash kept flickering  that we got conscious. lol.

the very pretty Vanessa East

Eden Villarba and Me

the gang! Philip Lapinid of Fashion Toy Gun, Eden Villarba, Yves Camingue of Yvestyle, Toni Pino, Lyka Raagas, Me, Maan Cajipe, Liezyl Gomez and Vanessa East

Lyka Raagas, Me, Maan Cajipe, Toni Pino, Liezyl Gomez and Andrew Sincgo of Non-Active Euthanasia (who just recently jumped on the blogging wagon)

printed sheer top – thrifted
black layered electro-pleated skirt – thrifted
studded open-toe wedges – ebay find
cerulean blue belt –
teal clutch bag – borrowed from sister
cutout cuffs –
tassel earrings – DIY

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  1. wooow! cebu bloggers are definitely catching up! that's great to know! i wish there could be a meet up of all bloggers from all over the philippines. 🙂


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