sheer delight: the perfect summer dress

people tend to stay away from chiffon thinking it’s too formal for day use or that it’s too humid out to wear them. here i am, defying what other people think and no, a chiffon maxi dress is not too formal for day use and not humid at all. it’s the perfect summer dress for when i feel like being all too feminine. to downplay a statement dress like this, pair it with flats like a studded or embellished sandal, add a thin belt to accentuate the waste and for someone like me who’s afraid of showing my humongous (post-swimming / flag football) arms, pair it with a loose cover-up. add a dozen (or one, for others) of accessories and you’re ready to go! 

floral chiffon maxi dress – | white cover-up – thrifted | white studded sandals – gifted from aimee | cerulean blue belt – | stacks of bangles – carbon finds + gifted from sweet | 
leaf necklace – carbon find | brown sunnies – bangkok find

5 more days till the launching of… 

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  1. whoahhh! i've been gone too long from the blogosphere and i missed your posts so badly. 😦

    i remember the summer of 2008 and 2009 when all i wore during summer were all types of maxi dresses; chiffon, jersey, etc. they can't blame us right? they're fun, sexy, and super comfy! 🙂

    i am definitely loving this! 🙂

    miss ya! 🙂 (sorry for the overload of smileys. haha)


  2. I went out in chiffon today. I felt like dying while I was preparing to go out but the weather was actually nice out 🙂


  3. ohhhlala nice dress! I wish I looked good in maxi dresses. anyway in reply to your comment, yes I think we shop at the same store heeee. get well soon by the way 🙂


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