channeling 60’s woodstock

(the mini burgers are the sampler ones of flame it’s awesome grilled burgers. cream cheese + garlic, garlic mayo, bacon mushroom and cheese and chili con carne = LOVE) 
i just can’t stop wearing this vest! haha. wearing my beloved fringe vest with this floral tiered dress made me feel like i belong in a 60’s woodstock concert but in a conservative way. i should dress this way more often as it’s liberating in the sense that i was able to channel an era of new and radical events and trends. ‘The Sixties’ was an era where social taboos were relaxed, there was an excess in flamboyance and where people simply freed themselves of social constraint. the constant swinging of the fringes on my vest and the last tier of my dress also helped with the liberating feeling.(kidding)
hmmm, so how’s my life been in the last few days? i’ve been utterly busy, it’s sometimes no longer funny because i’ve been late for work almost everyday. i’ve been sleeping until 3:00 AM everyday, not only taking care of our wholesale business (which is situated at home, taking over my sister’s old room)  but most importantly preparing for i’ve prepared 43 tops, dresses, skirts, shorts and trousers; 5 bags, 8 pairs of shoes, 8 kinds of belts and 3 kinds of swimsuits for the shop. 
floral tiered dress – bangkok find
fringe vest – bangkok find
turquoise belt – robinson’s dept store, dumaguete
tan bag – parisian, sm dept store
blue embellished sandals – bangkok find
cross necklace – custom made by sister

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  1. very woodstock indeed! i have a similar dress from a thrift store and i haven't had the chance to wear simply because i don't know how! hahahaha! but thank you for this outfit post, my dress can now be used.♥


  2. I officially want to go shopping with you! You find the cutest things wherever you go. I think you would look really pretty in Nars Gilda Blush. It's a matte coral colour and it'll go so well with your floral/flowy/bohemian/vintage style<3


  3. I HEART this dress. Going through your blog always makes me jealous of the weather in the Philippines. It's pretty much cold all year round in Canada 😦


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