the deafening silence

despite how talkative i am, i always still tend to drift off into my own space and sometimes avoid talking to other people. when my sister was out playing with the other kids in our neighborhood, i’d stay at home and watch captain planet or ghost busters while eating instant noodles and crackers. in high school, instead of spending summer out with friends, i’d while away the afternoon writing a novice novel or different short stories. i appreciated alone time and made sure to have a few hours to myself just to keep myself sane. however, on the first night alone in our house — with both my sisters having moved out, i found the time alone to be utterly sad. i finally, after 25 years have the room all to myself but it felt weird. so i succumb to the one game i avoided the most — plants vs zombies. God help me.

photo taken at banilad town center, cebu
vintage floral dress – thrifted
beige suede wedges – gold dot
braided tan belt – pratunam, bangkok
tan oversized bag – parisian, sm dept store
brass bangles – carbon finds

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  1. I am the same way. When I was younger (even now), I would keep to myself a lot and I enjoyed it. People around me probably thought I was just a lonely person but i liked being with my own thoughts 🙂 I know exactly what you mean!


  2. Ann says:

    ack!!!Gizelle! I'm addicted to that game, haha. ipinaalala mo sa akin ang aking kabaliwan haha., “bbrrraaaiiinnnsss”…

    God help us, sis^^


  3. Abbie♥ says:

    I hear yah! Being lonely is so much different from being alone. 😦 You'll get by, for sure. That Plants vs Zombies game will be there to guide you…LOL!

    Really chic outfit, btw! I love the bag!♥


  4. Roan says:

    Mag-Angry Birds ka na rin! I heared it's fun, too! 🙂 But seriously, maybe it's a sign for you to start another short story, perhaps about sisters? 😀


  5. Roan says:

    *heard :))


  6. Kara says:

    Aw this is sad 😦 I love being alone too and I totally used to do exactly what you did! I even love being alone in my apartment. But once my roommate is gone and I'm alone again, it gets lonely. And that feeling sucks. I guess you just cherish the time you have with them even more now! 🙂

    Very cute wedges by the way!! 🙂



  7. projectvee says:

    i definitely need time to myself as well. don't be lonely – enjoy the time ? 🙂

    amazing dress.


  8. Marta says:

    i am so in love with your wedges!


  9. ALYSSA says:

    cool dress!! can i find pretty dresses like this when i go thrifting?!? haha


  10. Toni says:

    hmm.. i wonder if Rose will feel the same way if I move out of our house have our shared room all to herself.. 🙂

    i love plants vs. zombies, gizelle! you should try Angry Birds and Doodle Jump! HAHA! 🙂

    i love your dress and bag!

    Perfumed Red Shoes


  11. Eunice says:

    I hope you feel better soon, its harder in the beginning when you're not used to having all the time and space to yourself, but in time you'll love it again I'm sure 🙂 sweet dress btw!


  12. cher a. says:

    solitude by choice is priceless. ♥ love your outfit, don't know where to find that kind of belt.


  13. Reg says:

    >:D< i hope you don't feel sad anymore.. plants vs zombies is addicting so i bet you'll enjoy :) xx


  14. ABIGAIL NY says:

    I love the outfit! You look amazing!
    The print of the dress and the shoes are just my favorite!


  15. Ladawan says:

    hahha you'll gonna love that game soon gizelle. adik ako dyan. love your dress!


  16. sPam says:

    The vintage dress is adorable! And I've always been like that as well; I've really treasured my solitude. And with your sisters being away, I'm sure you only feel that way because you miss them. 🙂 Hopefully, you guys will have a happy Christmas, no matter where you live.

    And! Plants vs. Zombies is awesums!

    sPam of frou-frou


  17. Miss Donata says:

    love the dress and belt!!!!


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