we eventually have to grow up

it was said that i used to invade her crib when we were babies. we were 2 years apart but we acted like twins. we had matching clothes and my most favorites outfits were our chiffon dresses with hats that had ribbons around them and the matching sailor-inspired outfits that my mom had made for us — navy blue linen sleeveless blazer with gold buttons and red linen shorts. we’ve shared a room since we were born and fought about so many things even just over something as petty as moving the electric fan. she will always be my baby sister even when we both had to eventually grow up.

photos taken at plantation bay, cebu.
lace boho top – thrifted (thanks eden for finding this for me!)
denim shorts – thrifted
boater hat – sm department store
pink flip-flops – havaianas
heart necklace – pratunam, bangkok
bangles – chatuchak, bangkok

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  1. So adorable, both the photos and your relationship with your friend! You both look lovely 🙂 I also love the layout of your blog… it is so clean and easy to read!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. too cute…what a lovely bond=)


  3. projectvee says:

    you and your sister are so adorable together 🙂 i love that photo of you two laughing, haha, it's exuding joy!



  4. ching says:

    awww you guys are adorable. even your smiles are adorable.


  5. ahhh great moments. your tops is so you!


  6. this makes me wish i have a sister.


  7. ANN says:

    This post is so cute :')


  8. dred says:

    awwww. i'm fighting a tear. me and my sister are like that too.

    love your top!!!

    p.s. let me know when ang meet-up with aixa! i'm excited to meet her and you guys again. 🙂



  9. Ladawan says:

    i love lace tops and that boho top looks good on you Gizelle!


  10. dotie says:

    you two are too cute!! you're so lucky to have a sister that you can share with 🙂
    adore your top and that boater hat..

    eclectic du jour


  11. Kelly says:

    You guys are so cute and adorable!!
    I love that you dedicated a post to sisters! Love it!!

    And ps. I love the new banner!

    <3 Kelly


  12. Roan says:

    Awww, this is adorable. When is she leaving diay?


  13. Melai says:

    this is sweet gizelle 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul


  14. Meream says:

    Aww you two look adorable! I am always jealous of close sisters…


  15. you two are such a cute pair! love your lace top!


  16. Nina says:

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  17. Nina says:

    your top is amazing!haha the wonders of thrift-ing!

    anyway, you and your sister are soo cute. I especially love what she's wearing too. 🙂


  18. i like your top…


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