a YEAR ago from today…

…Vanilla Ice Cream did its first post as a style blog. the outfit was from the the first day of our family trip in Hongkong where amid the sea of black and grey in the streets, i stayed true to myself and wore a bohemian-inspired color palette. Vanilla Ice Cream has surely come a long way since that day. with so much inspiration from Karla de Rass and Alice Point, i pushed myself to embark on a style rollercoaster. everyday was and is still a challenge but i am still completely loving the way style blogging has continued to push me out of my boundaries and explore styles that can express myself. here are some of my favorite looks over the past year:

to all the readers who have followed vanilla ice cream since day one, thank you with all my heart. to the new readers, i hope you like what you find here. all of you continue to encourage me to dress and be my best everyday.

yes, a giveaway is not far along. i’ll be posting one soon once i finalize the items to be given away. stay tuned for that one!

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  1. Eden says:

    ma, congraaaats! followed you since day one and will keep following you still. ILY!



  2. Eunice says:

    congrats on the anniversary stylish lady! i hope you continue to keep posting gorgeous outfits 🙂



  3. aizkim says:

    congratulations! you sooo deserve all the accolades! Love your blog and your style…am a fan!


  4. Jing says:

    I love your style and i keep telling my friends about your blog!very intellectual + stylish.
    God Bless, G! happy anniversary,vanilla ice cream! 😀


  5. congrats! happy anniversary!


  6. dotie says:

    happy anniversary!
    keep up whatever it is you've been doing because apparently we can't get enough of it 😉

    eclectic du jour


  7. congrats on a year of blogging.. 😀


  8. Sweet says:

    congratulations Gizelle…wheheheh one year in blogging…cheers to that love…



  9. happy anniversary to your blog!! dont stop inspiring people 🙂 God bless you! ❀


  10. weee!! congratz on your blog's anniv! you are doing such a god job, inspiring people across the blogosphere gizelle!


  11. Roan says:

    Congrats, teh!!! 😀


  12. ALYSSA says:

    congratulations on the one year! =D


  13. Melai says:

    Congrats gizelle! You totally totally totally deserve the kind of following that you have right now 🙂 Continue inspiring others as well! Mwuah!

    Melai of Style and Soul


  14. ching says:

    congrats! more power to you and your style gizelle!


  15. Alex says:

    Happy anniversary! Love the series of photos – you've got such a fun, colourful sense of style.


  16. Philip says:

    Congrats Gizelle! Stay stylish and happy! mwah



  17. julianne. says:

    congrats you dear thing.
    you have an amazing blog, you should be proud.<3


  18. projectvee says:

    congrats 🙂 i love your blog, truly truly truly.


  19. Hi, G! I must thank you for also pushing me to experiment with clothes better. I'm really a plain Jane and sometimes I find it really challenging to put an effort in mix-and-matching clothes. You know our country, you can get stared at for looking too dressed up. I hope we get over this mentality though.

    Thank you! Thank you for this blog and for continuing us, me, to have the audacity to be comfortable with other styles! 🙂

    I also hope to see you in person soon! 🙂


  20. Fivyolen Qiu says:

    Congrats ya (:
    and yeah, i love it too 😀 😀



  21. ShopGirlXOXO says:

    I heart your style…..


  22. ÎČe says:

    Happy blogversarry! I didn't think you've only been in one year of blogging, since your blog looked so professional and awesome to me! Although I am a new reader I will continue reading till your next anniversay + more!


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