head over heels

as kids, we grew up watching cinderella getting help from mice, birds and her fairy godmother. we watched how ariel and eric were serenaded “kiss the girl” by frogs and how a candelabra and a teapot were singing to belle and the beast. these fairytales amazed me and instilled in me an optimism that had carried on till’ now.

having grown up, we now believe in different kinds of fairytales. aside from the usual soulmate-fate-take the risk movies, there is one kind of fairytale that i constantly long for.Β the fairytale of a place where all ladies can wear heels without strain. i watch how Carrie Bradshaw, Serena Van Der Woodsen and Andrea Sachs walk, romp and run in heels that i can’t help but wonder how it is possible. my shoes and theirs may differ in price by the thousands so theirs might have the extra comfort but it certainly can’t be denied that the constant tiptoe form of the feet would still eventually hurt.

so i may own all those heels above but the longest time i can tolerate the pain is 5 hours (12 hours if i’m in a carpeted room). running around in heels on hard pavement will always be a fantasy.

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  1. its really the pain that makes me turn my back on lovely sexy shoes like those in the picture 😦 i cant walk straight for 2hours without complaining about my painful soles even in flats!


  2. @being miss east dili madaut ang shoes? mahugaw and all?

    anyways, I can run around in wedges for hours but when it comes to stilleto heels, I'd die within an hour of wearing it. i rather live in wonder as to how others manage to do it than let my feet die young.


  3. hi ms. gizelle! love this post of yours, i'll definitely make “gaya” it hahaha…i can wear killer heels as long as i'll just stay in my chair for the rest of the day hahah…and i'm keeping a slippers under my table. love your shoe collection! kisses!


  4. wow.. I love your collection.. very adorable babies.. I can't even stand wearing heels for 2 hours. My feet will surely die.. hhahaha..


  5. I just got back in wearing heels but I usually choose the ones that has been tried and tested…so far the wedges from Nena and the thrift one that I bought in Bangkok…

    I cannot believe I was able to survive wearing heels in college and walking in Colon Street, imagine that hahahhaa!!!!

    but since I am going back to wearing heels again I usually try to test it first and choose the ones that will be a good shoe for walking in the mall, park or at a party…but same as yours after all the glittering event I usually end up with my flip flops…

    and yes it is hard to wear heels and catching up the bus in Bangkok…imagine that Gizelle hahahah!!!

    Love the entire collection



  6. your shoes reminds me of my company workdays…now that am out of the “traditional workforce” I have resolved meself with flats….hahaha!

    Am passing the “lovely blog award” to you by the way. Check out the link below. Have a great day!

    Tag you're it!.


  7. i always have flats and heels together.. when i dont need the heels, i switch to flats.. and most people are actually fooled by that.. they all think i manage in heels all day long ! lol

    the tension with heels is not good for ur legs anway πŸ™‚

    glisters and blisters


  8. I suck at wearing/walking/running in heels, so I usually opt for my thongs (meaning the shoes, not the underwear), which are actually the only shoes I have apart from my school ones. But even though I cant wear them I still love looking and trying on shoes! They're usually what I look at in photos, and I especially β™₯ the second in the bottom row. Simply Gorgeous πŸ˜€


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