text bombardment, dozens of flowers, little notes and a steak dinner ♥

part one of our 36 month celebration was amazing..truly more than i expected. of course, with all your amazing suggestions on my last post, i wasn’t short on ideas for romantic things to do for harry. 
so at the stroke of midnight, january 27, 2011, i immediately texted Harry and greeted him a happy anniversary. i then proceeded to texting all my friends to greet him a happy anniversary too (i took sweet’s advice). amazingly, quite a number of my friends were still awake and gladly participated in my little favor. harry went in to work very surprised and with a big smile on his face. i too went to sleep with a big smile on my face, giddy like a teenager. the following day at work, i found my desk with a heap of flowers — harry had three bouquets delivered to the office right after i got back from our lunch break. to my delight, he didn’t send the traditional roses but sent my favorite lilies, carnations, spider mums and daisies. 

for dinner, i surprised harry and took him to a steak house. (i know a lot suggested that i cook or bake something for him but i’ve cooked for him several times already..hehe.) anyway, why a steak house you might ask. well, harry is a big lover of meat. so you can imagine how ecstatic he was when we walked over to the restaurant and i told him i was treating him to expensive steak. as we started the day cheesy already, i decided to make it cheesier by giving him an envelope filled with little notes —- 18 reasons why i love him. (part two will be given on our vacation next week). reasons like, “i love you because you now love shoes as much as i do” or “i love you because you don’t mind a girl who eats too much…” the night was capped off with harry driving, yes driving me home. for those who don’t know the story, harry didn’t know how to drive and i’ve been driving all this time. it’s the sweetest gift from him to have made the effort to learn how to drive. (i want to show photos of the rest of our day but the camera suddenly died on me)
now on to an outfit post. this was taken a day before in ayala and i just love how colder the weather is in our city. i almost ditched this dress the last time my mom and i went thrifting because of the different layers not being appropriate for our tropical weather. with the romantic but goth-like feel of the dress, i wanted to add my toy horse and fairy necklaces, my skull ring and leopard flats to complete the outfit.

layered lace dress – thrifted
leopard flats – parisian, sm dept store
camel bag – parisian, sm dept store
horse necklace, skull and armor rings – carbon finds
fairy necklace – props
tan braided belt – pratunam, bangkok
brown sunnies – bazaar find

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stumped and in need of your help ♥

the greatest thing is about to happen. in less than 5 days, harry and i will be celebrating 36 months together. it’s cheesy but i can’t help but be giddy about it. ♥ this is the longest time i have ever kept a relationship with somebody. not that i hoped to have had longer ones in the past because if not for everything i went through, i never would have met harry. i am excited because after 36 months, it still feels like we’ve been dating for only several weeks. yes, we’ve gone past the honeymoon stage but despite that, after 36 months we still have a lot to talk about, a lot to smile about and definitely a lot to love about each other.
now, we do have something planned for the weekend after the happy date but i still want to do something special for him on the day. i am really stumped, however and that’s where you guys come in. tell me something romantic to do for harry on our 36 months. ♥ you never know, if i like a suggestion, i might just give you something in return. *wink*
suede cutout smock dress – borrowed from aimee
black cardigan – thrifted
black tights – metro dept store
black cuban heels – gifted from harry ♥
brass cuff – carbon find
necklaces: diamond pattern – gifted from ivy | elephant tusk – bangkok
oval semi-armor ring & alligator ring – carbon finds
oversized black ring – gifted from sweet

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a YEAR ago from today…

…Vanilla Ice Cream did its first post as a style blog. the outfit was from the the first day of our family trip in Hongkong where amid the sea of black and grey in the streets, i stayed true to myself and wore a bohemian-inspired color palette. Vanilla Ice Cream has surely come a long way since that day. with so much inspiration from Karla de Rass and Alice Point, i pushed myself to embark on a style rollercoaster. everyday was and is still a challenge but i am still completely loving the way style blogging has continued to push me out of my boundaries and explore styles that can express myself. here are some of my favorite looks over the past year:

to all the readers who have followed vanilla ice cream since day one, thank you with all my heart. to the new readers, i hope you like what you find here. all of you continue to encourage me to dress and be my best everyday.

yes, a giveaway is not far along. i’ll be posting one soon once i finalize the items to be given away. stay tuned for that one!

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