making over my boyfriend

harry asked me yesterday what for me is fashion’s significance in society. it felt like a miss universe question and i wanted to immediately answer, “world peace” without batting an eyelash. haha! kidding aside though, i had to think hard before answering because weirdly, i’ve also been wondering the same thing for the past few days. 
here’s my answer: “even if we want to deny that physical appearance doesn’t have anything to do with our well being, it does. by looking physically good, we feel mentally and emotionally good as well. take for example, “how do i look” (the reality tv show in lifetime tv). the ones who undergo the makeover initially don’t agree that they need one not necessarily because they don’t like to dress up but because they’re not confident enough to do so. by dressing up (and at the same time being modest about doing so), i’d like to believe that i inspire other people to do the same and in the end, they feel good about themselves. 
harry said: “exactly. just what i thought. and for that, i’m not only getting inspired but i will be joining your world.”
i said, looking at his ratty outfit: “in that???”
we had to burst out laughing because that’s just how we are. we take turns annoying each other. seriously though, i have indeed seen a transformation in harry ever since i met him more than 2 years ago. back then, he used to own only one pair of sneaks, a handful of shirts and one pair of jeans. he admits to having his eye opened to personal style by me. by being passionate about my personal style, i guess i’m transforming one person at a time.

white top with lace shoulder detail – pratunam, bangkok
brown pleated pants – chatuchak, bangkok (originally armand’s)
lace-up wedges – gold dot
camel braided belt – pratunam, bangkok
zebra-print fedora hat – sm dept store
cross necklace – borrowed from aimee
rings: skull and blue stone – carbon finds
bangles – carbon finds

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  1. alyssa says:

    What a cute moment between you two. And awesome shoes!


  2. Alex says:

    I think fashion (or style/personal grooming/whatever you want to call it) has a far greater significance than people give credit to. Your answer is spot on.


  3. Kasia W. says:

    great outfit girl! love your pants and shoes!


  4. Marta says:

    you look so adorable. love your hat!


  5. Ladawan says:

    hi Gizelle! you're the winner! hehhe, i'm proud to say that i influenced my husband too. in our case, we have to have an outlet,having a family with 2 kids is not an excuse to be “pangit or losyang” we should look good always. and it's fun fun fun to dress up, it really erases our stress in life. what do you call that pants? it's nice on you. you really inspire me! good day, sweety!


  6. Mez says:

    LOVE those shoes lady!!! xox


  7. great mind think alike 😉
    love the color palette! and those shoes


  8. dred says:

    yes, amen to that. let's admit it, we do more productive things when we feel good about ourselves.

    yey for boyfriends who are now fashion converts! LOL because same interests = less arguments. 🙂

    i love your pants.and i think i deserve a gold dot shoes too this christmas. your pair is just gorgeous!


  9. aizkim says:

    nicely said Gizelle! And its a good thing that the bf has changed camp. We won't be going to Cebu anytime soon as i have hoped…the hubby wants to get into the climbing thing first so come Saturday next, we'd be gearing up for Mt. Pulag. Anyway, i'd keep you posted on the Cebu thing. Take care!

    Aiz's new post: Take a break and live more


  10. DaMnViXeN says:

    wonderful word giz! thank you for going way beyond the superficial..

    The ViXeN's LaiR


  11. projectvee says:

    haha, thanks for sharing 🙂


  12. Beth says:

    I agree with what you said about fashion's impact. If someone looks good, they'll feel good! It's about confidence and giving off that certain aura.

    Love your wedges!


  13. Toni says:

    you guys are cute! and it amazes me how harry takes in your love for fashion, Gizelle.

    i want pleated pants like yours!


  14. Iulia Romana says:

    Your hat is billiant, I adore it :X Oh,and so are the shoes 😡


  15. Sweet says:

    I just bought a fedora hat for 99 baht here…inspired with all the fedora's I am seeing…hahahaha mine was given to a friend in Cebu so I had to buy another one….

    I love the shoes, and I saw the same one in JC yesterday…whahahah I can't stop looking at it…

    I really can say we have become the greatest influence with our partners Gizelle, because they seem to learn a lot from us when it comesto fashion…



  16. asha says:

    Those shoes are freaking awesome!


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