we’re supposed to be in color

remember when david and mary-sue fought over the remote and they got warped into the black and white world of pleasantville? that movie has got to be one of my most favorites. not only are the era costumes amazing and fun to look at but i also loved the plot and message of the movie. i was and will always be amazed at how pleasantville slowly turned technicolor as they discovered and loved incredible things about themselves. fiona apple’s rendition of ‘across the universe’ made the movie even more memorable.
on to another awesome subject, i want to thank everyone who joined my 300 followers giveaway. it was really fun reading your questions and challanges and since i got so many interesting questions, i’ll answer them 5 at a time. here goes:

where do you see yourself in 5 years? (holly koochitt) whoa! just my first question and i all of a sudden feel i’m in a job interview! well, although it hurts to think, i’ll be 31 by then. if things go according to plan, i will have had successfully established a ready-to-wear clothing line while raising a 2 year old. i plan to still continue to maintain this blog and yes, i’d still do outfit posts in maternity clothes. 

do you wanna go back to bangkok with me? (aisa ipac) yes! i would love to go back to bangkok with you…it would be amazing to have such an awesome shopping buddy especially since we have similar style choices and love finding cheap stuff!

how much did you spend in your bangkok vacation? (penny ilagan and ladawan) since we booked our flight 5 months prior to our trip and with a seat sale promotion at that, we got our round-trip tickets for only P6,700 ($149). with the help of my sister planning our trip to the tee, our hotel accommodations + tours (elephant tour, elephant ride, floating market, safari world and temple tours) + food and travel expenses cost us only P14,000 ($311). shopping expenses were only around P6000 ($111) and yes, i shopped til’ my feet hurt like hell that i had to give up walking to the street corner to taste these awesome, humongous crepes (biggest trip regret..hehe).

can you name top 5 cities you want to travel? (elle gomez) can i name non-cities too?hehe. if i had all the money in the world, i would love to visit ho chi minh city in vietnam (or all of vietnam for that matter), go back to hongkong and just enjoy the buzz, the food and the street fashion, lounge in santorini, greece because ever since i was a little girl i have always found that place to be so enchanting, be in constant awe in paris, france because who wouldn’t right? and of course, visit the most famous city in the world, new york city!

if you were to raid one’s closet, whose closet would it be (eunice) this is without a doubt mary-kate and ashley olsen’s closets! okay, okay, the question asks me to choose only one so i would have to say mary-kate olsen. here style is just amazing —- vintage and bohemian with a pinch of rock and she has this effortless bed-head look that i wish i can attain (but then sadly, i’d look like a dog who just got dried off from the rain). i love her shoes, her clothes, her oversized bags, her unexpected accessories (ie rhinestone curtain necklace over a worn-out vintage tee), i love her in the lace alexander mcqueen dress and that she and ashley have established such incredible clothing lines.

this is it for now. don’t want to bore you with more stuff about me. *wink*

polka dot fifties skirt – thrifted
sheer top – linea italia
beige camisole – borrowed from sis
braided camel belt – pratunam, bangkok
camel military booties – forever 21 courtesy of karla bautista
bangles: orange with splattered print – DIY | yellow wooden bangle – chatuchak, bangkok
necklaces: charmed + vintage car – carbon find
brown sunnies – carbon find

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  1. alyssa says:

    Your shoes!! I love them! =)


  2. Roan says:

    I will grow my hair and have it permed again! Haha

    The shoes! *died*

    The Explosive Orange


  3. Jen says:

    gizelle! i adore this outfit with all my heart, especially the full skirt. i've been loving those recently and the peachy color is gorgeous. 🙂

    and i'd definitely raid mary kate and ashley's closet!


  4. projectvee says:

    you're looking amazing like usual, darling 🙂


  5. gwaps.. lets raid mary kates closet together!


  6. Ladawan says:

    i'll now go to Bangkok then heheh ..i love your hair and the shoes so so gorgeous.


  7. Len David says:

    What I love about thrift shops is that they have the most awesome floral skirts!!! waaah 🙂


  8. michelle_ says:

    i love your skirt and shoes !!
    very pretty and chic giselle !


  9. ching says:

    i think i should try wearing skirts like that sometime.haha

    ps. goodluck to your sister gizelle! 😀 i wish her all the best.


  10. dred says:

    i am loving your shoes so much gizelle! and yes, santorini is a dream vacation for me too. ok i'll go to sleep and dream about it right now. tehehe

    the skirt is cute too! love the color and the length. xx



  11. Jing says:

    dai, I love the last photo!as in.modelish kau ka gurl.love everything you wear.


  12. vdcouture says:

    super nice look, lovely skirt and you heels are gorgeous <3 awesome!!



  13. Natasha says:

    Ahhh wow, I love all of your answers, especially the cities you'd visit. I had a friend at college who was from Hong Kong, she bought me back some gifts when she visited home and they were so cute. A couple of keyrings a fridge magnet. xxx


  14. Melai says:

    Love your shoes to the core gizelle dear 🙂 And your hair! Gorgeous!

    Melai of Style and Soul


  15. Marta says:

    awww, love the answers! again, i need to tell you that you must be an incredible person… i just can't imagine myself in five – years – time, though!
    i am in love with your shoes… ❤


  16. gorgeous skirt! <33


  17. dotie says:

    I've been dying to visit Greece as well..
    love this look on you and those heels are fierce 🙂

    eclectic du jour


  18. ShopGirlXOXO says:

    I love your style!


  19. I love the colors of your outfit girl! And your shoes are absolutely amazing. You look gorgeous :]



  20. Luna says:

    totally diggin your outfit ^.^ya have a super cute blog here xo~ check out my blog & follow if ya like!

    ps-i have a giveaway, ends 0ct9 ^.^


  21. Kookie B. says:

    you look so good! the skirt is sooo nice!!!


  22. Kara says:

    I am loving that skirt and those booties…separately and especially together here!! Fierce lady!! 🙂



  23. Sweet says:

    great answers Gizelle, love the shoes and your skirt…



  24. lovely skirt ,
    great shoes ! 😀

    check my newest post,


  25. Lauren says:

    I love this entire outfit! I would wear it in a heartbeat!

    Sparrow & Urchin


  26. i like your heels..cool


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