not what i expected part two | giveaway winners!

okay, so i need to grab friday night’s photos from armand’s camera but since i won’t get them til’ monday then i’m blogging backwards. it’s saturday night (actually, early morning sunday since it’s already 2 AM). came from dinner with my best friends and a quick stop at taproom, banilad with armand, his boyfriend derrick and philip of fashion toy gun. it’s philip and mine’s first time to meet and i thought it would be a perfect time to get together, what with a fashion show at taproom, banilad. philip and i talked about so much on the drive to banilad and it was refreshing to talk to someone mostly about fashion — someone who can relate to me and know other style bloggers and my need to have the jeffrey campbell ticks. disappointingly though, the night ended with our outfits smelling of smoke sans the chance to catch the fashion show. we waited for 2 and a half hours. nuff’ said, i was disappointed.
nevertheless, it was nice spending time with friends, both old and new. i wish we could have ditched the fashion show and just had some dessert at fudge. the cheesecake delight sure sounds better than 2 hours of waiting. this makes me resolve to only attend events that are highly publicized. but i don’t know, i’m all for second chances. will still visit taproom soon, only since ladies get free drinks.

white top with lace detail – pratunam, bangkok
brown denim acid-wash shorts – props
camel braided belt – borrowed from sister
gold ballet flats – sensini, bangkok
brown bag – platinum mall, bangkok
bangles: amber bangle – props | faux gold layered bangles – gifted | blue polka – hongkong
necklaces – props
ps. philip says his outfit is all thrifted. amazing. i think he’s way better than me in finding awesome stuff in thrift stores.

on a brighter note, here are the winners of my 300 followers giveaway both on the blog and in facebook:

congratulations guys! i will contacting you soon. thank you for your support for vanilla ice cream. hope to see you more here! mwah!

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  1. Sweet says:

    Oh toni is such a lucky blogger lately…she owe us a blog post anytime soon hahahah!!!!

    its so nice that Philip and you met already…its fun!!!!

    can't wait for more updates from you Gizelle…



  2. julianne. says:

    i freekin love that top.
    and just your whooole outfit.<3


  3. Kookie B. says:

    i love the lace at the back of your top! what a sweet surprise!


  4. Lisa says:

    Love the top. I'm a sucker for anything with an interesting back detail!


  5. ohh, i ♥ the lace detail at the back. BTW, I saw this elephant top in kRyz Uy's blog. You should check it out.


  6. ching says:

    congrats to the winner.
    looking great as always Gizelle. 😀


  7. aizkim says:

    that is the cutest top Gizelle…!!! Congratulations to the winners!


  8. vdcouture says:

    love love love your shirt <3 and congrat for the winners



  9. Thanks again, Gizelle! I learned a lot from you. Hoping to see you with the other bloggers as well. 😉

    Fashion Toy Gun


  10. Nina says:

    thankyou thankyou thankyouuuu!!

    😀 😀 😀


  11. maggeygrace says:

    are you kidding?? GO AHEAD AND COPY ME:))

    that is seriously the biggest compliment ever! Thank you!

    I love your white top:)


  12. Zabrinah says:

    Awesome top! And congrats to the winners! Hehe. It looks like this giveaway was fun!




  13. GAH, looks like oodles of fun. And you look too adorable. I think I say this everytime I drop a comment, but ITS TRUE. I really like the white lace – it's fun and sophisticated AT THE SAME TIME.

    Congrats to the winners!


  14. Lane :) says:

    you looks so chic! 😀


  15. Very pretty outfit! ❤


  16. Lee says:

    Lovely top Gizelle! You look very nice in that outfit 😀

    Lee []


  17. AlvianaKalin says:

    love the lace top! 🙂


  18. cherie says:

    that's such a romantic top, it looks so lovely on u gizelle!


  19. jed says:

    dang, that was close.. haha.. too bad i didn't win. anyway, i love your top here and your bag too.. ^_^


  20. Lianne says:

    I LOVE your top!so sweet!maybe we could follow each other?:D


  21. Hope Adela says:

    love the sheer lacy white blouse and the metallic flats!


  22. i want that top!! i love the lace
    and the white looks so clean!
    great post~


  23. E says:

    That top is lovely!


  24. Stevia says:

    such a pretty top
    i love the lace details 🙂



  25. projectvee says:

    ooh, how adorable is your top with the lace detailing?! love love love.


  26. awwwwwww reaally jealous of the winners.. you give a cute giveaway..


  27. emily says:

    ahh you look so pretty! i love the top, the lace is gorgeous.


  28. Weesha says:

    love the lace top and it goes so well with the shirt, you look gorgeous ❤


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