a weekend of nothing

nothing to do. nothing productive. this is exactly what i needed this weekend. it’s been raining intermittently all weekend and it’s just what our city needs. saturday morning after work was spent blog surfing and just discovering more awesome fashion blogs (ie. grunge manners). if i have schizophrenia, she would be my other personality — i wish i have the guts to dress like her and don’t give a shit about society. being a fashionista is already defying certain rules here in our small city and being grunge will definitely be a cause for more raised eyebrows and head-to-toe look-overs. the next hours of my saturday were spent sleeping and waking up to harry bringing over mcdonald’s cheeseburgers, large fries and an apple pie — major junk food fest, while watching karate kid which was good but so predictable. 
here’s my sunday, so far: waking up next to harry, making my sunday even better. a breakfast of eggs, spam and leftover dinner. 2 episodes of how i met your mother season 1. sunday mass at 7:00 AM. caramel sundae and pancakes. and ongoing DVD marathons with harry. he says this may be a glimpse of sundays in our married life. if this is, sign me up as i’m packed and ready to go!
ps. it’s funny two competing fast food chains in the philippines are just right across each other.  if i have to choose, i’d choose mcdonald’s over jollibee. i hate mayonnaise in my burger. haha!
floral electric pleats dress – thrifted
gun-metal layered necklace – props
silver cuffs with pink shells – props
oval stone ring – props
grey bag – mongkok ladies market, hk

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37 thoughts on “a weekend of nothing

  1. Catching up on DVDS and tv shows are def a nice way to spend a nice Sunday morning 😀

    You look so cute, btw! 😀 Love the nice pattern on your dress 🙂

    I miss Jollibee! :p They have them here in San Jose as well! 😀 McDonalds is classic 🙂


  2. Yeah–I've noticed that here in the Phils. When you see a Jbee store–just look around–and expect a McDo right across the street–that's Pinoy competition girls,=)

    Oh..I love how you spent ur weekend..Me and the boyf do that too–but we watch CSI Miami marathons naman,=).

    You look well rested and pretty, girl=).

    PS. I dont like mayo too–I prefer my cheeseburger from Mcdo–but spag from Jbee=)


  3. that dress is thrifted?! NO WAAAAY!! its lovely, Gizelle! i <3 it!

    i wish there'd be times when I get to wake up next to the le boyf. being in a secret-long-distance relationship sucks big time! gaaah.

    oh and Id choose McDonalds over Jobeeee too! haha 😉


  4. That dress is sooooooooo lovely! And it looks awesome on you! =D

    I really like the way you styled it with the metal necklace and the cuffs! It made the whole outfit even better! =D


  5. Gizelle! That dress is pretty!!!! 🙂 I loooove it! You look blooming here. Nice curls, nice hair styling 🙂 You just look glowing. Maybe it's because you had a glimpse of married life. Hahaha. Aaaaw. Romantic much!!! Mwah!

    Melai of Style and Soul


  6. wow.i can hear wedding bells here dai.your line was romantic,gizelle.

    My weekend is better only when i'm with my boyfriend too.usually my weekend's boring kay i'm living alone,away from family and close friends pa jud…

    this dress is another fab find,G.
    have a nice day.


  7. such a cute dress on you!!! mmm that mcdonalds sign is taunting me! haha
    glad you had a great weekend! doing nothing is sometimes the perfect thing to do! 🙂



  8. Hey Gizelle !

    Cute dress…and I've never heard of that show, ontop of me being TIRED of eating McDonalds 😦 I've been eating healthy alot too tho :)More balance, more balance. Also, I gave you a “i love your blog” award 🙂


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  10. If I tried to dress grunge over here people would think I'm either trying way to hard to be badass or I'm a wannabe “scene kid” hahaha. I think you dress cute the way you do! Your dress is so pretty!


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