thank you | 200 followers give-away

i am still amazed at how people take the time to read my blog. 
thank you with all my heart. 
you guys have given me much inspiration and have been at one point or another, all i could depend on. thanks for making me smile. 
to join the give-away is very simple and only have 2 musts:
  1. make sure to be a follower of my blog (comment if you’re following through google or blog lovin’)
  2. answer this question: “with what outfits are you going to pair these accessories with?”
you can get an additional entry by:
  1. mentioning this give-away in your blog (please tell me the link of the post in a comment)
 this give-away is open to everyone around the globe and ends on may 28, 2010 and the winner will be announced on that day.

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  1. sharonlei says:

    Happy 200 followers sweetie! 🙂 Hope you're havinga a fabulous day.

    xx Love & Aloha

    ***Swing by my blog and enter The Pagestoppers Giveaway!


  2. First of all, those accessories are stunning 🙂
    I'm following your blog through google.
    I would pair those accessories with a neutral dress and some stunning heels.


  3. Leah says:

    Congrats on the followers my dear… well-deserved!!!

    Fabulous ang give-aways mo. I'm following you via google reader.

    I will wear the dangling earrings and the huge ring with a plain flowing white dress. I want my accessories to do the talking. xoxo


  4. Jing says:

    we read your blog because it is worth reading, gizelle! i really love your pretensions.basta ganahan ko.

    ay kalami pud anang giveaways oi.lumba dagan na lng para makuha nako.hahaha. I will wear them with a black and white dress.ah yes I will wear them on my cousin's wedding pg swertehun.haha

    dear, im so so sad.Our president didn't make it.worse is, si Noynoy pa.ambot I just can't accept it yet.hay Pilipinas,good luck!


  5. ellie says:

    wow, great give away. Go you!
    & thanks so much for the comment too.


  6. eunice says:

    ohmygosh these are fabulous! I will pair them with a simple dress so they stand out!

    thanks for this giveaway, and congrats on reaching 200 followers. You totally deserve it 🙂 love your blog!


  7. Dane says:

    These are awesome! I would pair them with bohemian dresses or a metal tee with cutoffs..


  8. Jen says:

    awww congratulations on 200 gizelle! it's it amazing realizing people out there actually check out our blogs?? 🙂

    of course i'm a follower of yours. for the first pair of stud earrings i'd pair them with a lbd to spice up my outfit. with the stone ring and/or the second pair of earrings, probably a white button down with black skinnies for a classic look 🙂


  9. wow, i really love the accesories..
    i will wear those with oversized white shirt , wedges, and messy hair..
    i do follow u dear..


  10. michelle_ says:

    im a follower via google..
    id pair this outfit with some earthy colored theme.. make it a nice boho look 🙂

    thanks for the sweet comments 🙂 🙂


  11. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! 🙂 I hope millions more people see your fun island girl style 😀

    I'd definitely pair these accessories with a vintage white maxi dress that my mother gave me (when she was young and stylish! :p) to achieve a simplistic, bohemian look 🙂


  12. love the giveaways yapi!!

    i would pair the earrings with my colorful polka dot chiffon top yaku find, jeans and a brown flats! ahehehe


  13. of course i'm a follower! i would wear these amazing pieces of statement jewelry with a neutral clothing palette. creams and beige would really allow these pieces to shine.

    this is such a great giveaway! congratulations!



  14. Lee says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  15. Lee says:

    I'm following you through google connect. Awesome giveaway! especially the ring, oh i so badly want it! <3

    The first earrings, I'll pair it with a black dress with metal stud accents when I go to the office; will definitely glam up an ordinary work day 😀

    The ring and wood dangling earrings, I will wear these pretty accessories with a white eyelet beach dress. The ring reminds me so much of the beach, and I have not been to the beach in ages!

    Congrats on reaching 200 followers dear! 🙂

    Lovelots, Lee


  16. 27chic says:

    hi, i am not yet a follower but will soon be. i've been reading your blog since i started my own 2 months ago.
    i would wear your studded earring with a 'rock-n'roll' outfit (skinny denims. belted oversized top underneath a leather bikers jacket. the ring and the dangling earrings would perfectly match a hippie-boho look (probably a floral muumuu and comfortable gladiator flat sandals)
    happy 200 followers!
    hope to visit me since i'm new to this thing,


  17. Alex says:

    Oh what a fab giveaway – thank you 🙂

    I'm a follower.

    I think I'm going down the same lines as everyone else here – something really simple to let that gorgeous jewellery stand out. If I could ever find a maxi dress that didn't drown me, definitely one of those, with some cute wedges.


  18. Sher says:

    Such gorgeous wooden accessories, I'll definitely wear something of an earthy or boho print dress with them! And maybe complete it with a hippiesque headband!

    Definitely a follower:)



  19. Claudia says:

    Congratulations!!! wow.. i only have 23 or something followers… help me by following me @


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those accessories!! They are GORGEOUS!!

    I have never won anything… maybe I will next time!!

    I will wear them with a white-flowy-spaghetti-strap dress
    The jewelry would just POP!
    Oohh!! I can't wait!

    Claudia K
    P.S. I am a follower


  20. cherie says:

    oh so pretty earrings! i want hehe. i would wear them with a maxi dress at night and pin back my hair so those earring will shine and sparkle 🙂


  21. Dannie says:

    beautiful pieces, i loove the earthy feel of them!


  22. Carmen says:

    What a lovely giveaway!



  23. Sarah says:

    Hey! I follow you on Bloglovin, love your blog. Those ear-rings are just gorgeous – I would honestly wear them every day. With jeans and dressed down things and also with posh work suits. xx
    PS I have a new URL:


  24. congrats sweeties 🙂
    i love the huge cristal ring!


  25. Nubia says:

    happy 200 followers sweets!


  26. i'm a follower, so enter me!

    nah, i think it works with some ethnic dress. and also studded heels 😀
    i also post it here :


  27. Kasia says:

    love those first earrings! gorgeous!


  28. Elena says:

    Hi! I am your new follower via GFC (Elena)
    Iа I won I would wear these accessories with my usual skinny jeans, whitw top and bejeweled heels. Thanks for the great giveaway!



  29. i already follow your blog with google
    i will wear first earrings with party dress or gown
    i will wear 2nd, 3rd acessories with long skirt and tanktop..


  30. Ria says:

    Congrats on having so many followers 😀
    I'd pair them up with a little black dress and some gorgeous brown sandals with silver details.


  31. fisiwoman says:

    Enter me please! I'm a new follower from Spain on GFC
    I'd wear this accesories with a floral dress or with a LBD, LWD….with everything!

    Ana Belén R.M


  32. Jo says:

    I'm a follower through Google Connect! 🙂 I'd pair the first earrings with an updo and a bright coloured dress, the ring with a 3/4 sleeve blouse and a black high waisted skirt, and the last earrings should go with any outfit! 🙂



  33. projectvee says:

    congrats on 200 followers! 🙂 i love your blog. and these accessories are so gorgeous! i think i'd wear them with anything 🙂


  34. katia says:

    i would pair the first earings with:
    black trousers, white cotton shirt sleeve, crisp blouse and a pair of sexy high pumps in black.
    the second earings i would pair with:
    a pair of cut off light denim shorts, plain tank top and a fringe suede vest in tan, and moccosins (ya i cannot spell that word haha)
    The ring i would wear with:
    skinny jeans, zeppelin concert tee shirt, birkinstocks

    such a cute giveaway! thank you very much for the chance!


  35. Amber says:

    Congrats on 200 followers! Wow, I love love love these jewelry pieces. I would wear the earrings with a cute black dress for nights out this summer, and I'd wear the gorgeous ring with jeans, cowboy boots, and a flowy Spring top during the day. Thanks so much!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com


  36. Melai Entuna says:

    Gizelle! Congrats! I'll join when I have time. I had a quick net surfing lang. Haha. Suddenly got a toxic part-time job kasi! Hehe.

    I'll join! I want those lalo na yung ring! Hehe. More followers to youuuu! Congrats dear! Mwuah!


  37. Shia-Shia says:

    congratz beibqz
    gonna take part in ur give away too (^^)i'm a very new blogger & i just followed u now…
    hmmm…i love the stone ring & antique look earring…
    i'm gonna wear it with indonesian BATIK prints…(^^)



  38. Marina says:

    Gorgeous earrings <3
    I'd wear them with a simple white dress so they could stand out =]
    I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect.



  39. karamino says:

    Wow, your accesories looks really great!I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect. It will looks nice with my white summer dress:)


  40. pensandlens says:

    wow wonderful giveaway!!!

    will surely, join when I get back in Thailand….still in Manila and is pretty busy…

    take care love!!!



  41. Ann says:

    Wow, super nice accessories!!!
    >>I'd wear the stud earings with a denim corset dress and wedges.

    >>I'd wear the dangling earings with a crisp white summer/maxi dress and flat abaca sandals

    >> the ring I'd wear with a white tank top, a denim vest and denim short shorts

    —I just followed you via google,=)here's the link of my post mentioning your giveaway


  42. phrannie says:

    GFC follower! i'd match these gorgeous items with my blue jeans, ass kicking boots, and skimpy tank top 8)


  43. lin3arossa says:

    I see the first the first one with a turquoise outfit, the second with a little black dress, the earrings with a colourful summer dress. All gorgeous.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com


  44. lin3arossa says:

    Take 2: I'm a google follower.
    I see the first the first one with a turquoise outfit, the second with a little black (or red) dress, the earrings with a colourful summer dress. All gorgeous.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com


  45. shruti says:

    beautful stuff! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    i'm following you through Blogger.

    the dangling earrings and the stone ring, i'd pair with a neutral coloured, indian printed kaftan/kurta

    the studs i'd pair with a brightly coloured red or ultramarine blue outfit. 🙂


  46. va says:

    i am a follower .
    i would pair it with some pants and a blouse or any outfit .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com


  47. va says:

    i am a follower through google .


  48. CathyH says:

    yay for new followers! Hi! Your photography page is stunning!! Really enjoyed seeing it. So generous to offer these pretty jewelry pieces. I'm a blue jeans, bohemian top kinda a gal and would wear these things with everything 🙂
    Looking forward to your blog, I can see people love you!


  49. Sarah M says:

    Congratz on hitting 200 girl! ur blog is amazing and needs to be read! 🙂

    omg i would totally pair these with an african printed dress…
    i created an outfit i would wear with these accessories
    check it out <3

    also im following u now 🙂

    hope u follow me too! 🙂

    -The Outfit Maker


  50. *– Not an entry –*


    Just wanted to let you know that your giveaway was listed on my site.

    Here's the direct link:

    If you happen to have any other internationally open giveaways, I'd love to hear about them!




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