choosing green

before anything else, i’m wearing yellow but i am definitely going GREEN today. *wink*
here’s what happened this weekend: on saturday, i had my nails done. got so bored on saturday afternoon and just ended up listening to bon iver and up dharma down. missed my friends. couldn’t sleep because of the half cup of coffee i took on my shift earlier. decided to go on a night out with sister. woke up at 11PM, dressed up and put on make-up. on my drive to loft, my sister texted that they’re going home because of the liquor ban (elections weekend) and apparently, a few people got arrested for being caught drinking after midnight. epic fail on my attempt to have a night out again — oh well, there’s still the next weekend. 
sunday: plotted a romantic sunday with harry. went to the local market downtown to shop for accessories with my little sister, aimee. ended up paying P1,200 for 2 necklaces (an owl and elephant), 4 bangles, 8 cocktail rings, 2 earrings, a notebook, pens, cellphone accessories and a few sunnies. after greeting my mom a happy mom’s day and eating the best lunch ever — roasted chicken, kinason soup and kinilaw, spent the rest of the day with harry. let’s just say he was in for a surprise which he thoroughly enjoyed..haha! had dinner at tsim tsa tsui (a dimsum and tea bar in ayala) with family where we ordered too much and had to take home lotsa’ food. we had so much fun though and it was all worth it. 
and now, i am waiting for sister to get home from her shift so we can head on the voting precincts and make our votes count. 
how did you weekend go?
yellow halter top – thrifted
grey pencil skirt – thrifted
grey ballet flats – so fab (a gift from big sis)
enamel bangles – hong kong and bangkok
long watch necklace – hongkong gift shop
sunnies – thrifted at manalili
black oversized bag – mom’s closet

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  1. great outfit! i sooo like your yellow top, even though my favorite color is green *winx* i'm starting to also like the color gray, it goes well with everything ^__^


  2. I love, love love love the colours of those bangles. So lovely and clean-looking!
    They look as if they would be really smooth to the touch too.

    Darn close-up-photos~ haha



  3. Love the stack of bangles you're wearing!!

    I had a great time celebrating mother's day with my family:)



  4. I don't usually like halter tops but this one is so different and sophisticated looking, I love yellow and grey together too!


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