heated crayolas

one by one, we’re each building separate lives. we’re at this age where we don’t just have to worry about cutting or doodling stars on our notebooks or what dessert we will be eating but of responsibilities that we have for ourselves, families and partners. two of my bestest friends are married (one of the two will tie the knot this june 5th). pretty soon, the rest of us will follow suit. this could be our last year that we’re all together in one island. 
so to make the most out of the remaining month we have, we’ve scheduled shoots to memorialize our friendship. the first one is entitled, “heated crayolas.” this is greatly inspired by the marc by marc jacobs spring 2010 ad. anything goes. any color, no matter how much it clashes. i think 60% of my accessories were used. it was hot, dusty but very much fun. 

details: photography by harry | photo editing, styling by me | make-up by me and april mae | location at south reclamation area, cebu

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23 thoughts on “heated crayolas

  1. When I look at these pictures, i get nostalgic and start remembering my friends who've gotten married, had children or pursued their dreams. The style of these photos also remind me of precious vintage photos that you'd take with you when your house is on fire.

    You all look great and I look forward to more photoshoots 😀 I love the anything goes theme. It's how fashion is meant to be.


  2. What a wonderful post! You and your friends looks fabulous, and I love the dusty desert setting! What a great idea.


  3. I love this shoot! I could see it as an editorial in a big fashion magazine 🙂
    You styled it just right and the setting is perfect! I love it!
    thanks for the sweet comment by the way – i really appreciate it! ❤


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