summer of one-oh! ocean series: waking up to waves

oh how i wanted to have a fourth post so i could put up the fun photos my cousins and i took. but i promised you guys i would only do this in three posts…besides, i think i need to get back to my life in the city. getting too caught up in my daydreaming is not good for me.
i woke up to the sound of birds and the waves. the tide was coming in and all of us couldn’t wait for it go high by around 9:00 AM. harry and i took a little walk, checking out weird sea creatures (there were bubble or balloon-like stuff on the sand…it was jelly and when you picked it up, it would break and spew out water). right after breakfast, my cousins, together with my sisters and i, took some photos by the water and again, by the house. the goofy photo was just us and the self-timer in my camera. we had a blast just dancing and jumping around. 
and look what my mom asked my dad to do! she had a tent brought to the beach so she could bathe without getting directly hit by the sun! LOL. crazy mom…i think you can see one of the locales scratching his head thinking, “wtf?” haha!
outfit details: 
just woke up: graphic tee – maek | polka shorts – props | 
at the beach: green floral dress – maek | pink bikini top – justyne |
going home: blue printed dress – thrifted
accessories: yellow floral scarf – thrifted | bangles – props | sunnies – thrifted at carbon
 | bangles – props | sunnies – thrifted at carbon | dog-tag necklace – custom made

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  1. wow you looked like you had loads of fun. i'm so jealous. 🙂 i love your head wrap. so laidback but so chic!

    if summer meant always spending time on the beach, then i wouldn't mind the heat and the sweat. not at all. xx

    lovely pictures. so dramatic especially the slippers and the sand dunes shot. cool!


  2. hahaha. i love your mom's idea of putting tent.praktical lng jud imu mom, gizelle.haha.nice one!

    you surely had fun.lingaw kaau photos ninyu. i love the colors of your outfits and your cousins' too.


  3. Nice outfits dear! Inggit ako, I haven't been to the beach in ages 😦

    PS: I've started following you 😀


  4. Your beach posts are like a breath of fresh air… it's a welcome break really. I really love your first pic… very mysterious ang dating. xoxo


  5. ohmygod, these pictures are incredible! i want to head to the beach now, just looking at them 🙂


  6. haha! my mom would def love to have a tent out on the sea! genius, indeed! 🙂

    wonderful photos Gizelle! murag nag.enjoy jud mo ug todo! NICE! 🙂


  7. aww I love the tent in the water! That's pure genius right there, and totally something I could see myself doing.
    Lots like you've had a brilliant time out there~ It's all so pretty, and hot-looking.

    (and thank you! I do wonder if I'm boring sometimes, actually. I guess not? haha)



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