what is normal anyway?

the other day, i posted on facebook that i’m weirded out and i don’t know why. somebody joked, “it’s because you’re a little weird…” which should have been an insult for somebody else but really a compliment for me. you see, i don’t mind being weird just as long as i stand out and am not the same as anyone else. i was born a middle child — 8 years apart from my older sister, charm and 2 years apart from my little sister, aimee. being expected to obey my a-te (big sister) and give chances to aimee, i was forced to think on my own and think of ways to be different from them. so while charm was enjoying her high school life and aimee was outside playing with the kids, i read books and played with my stuffed toys. after school, when i didn’t like to stay and play with friends, i’d go home directly and watch ‘captain planet’ and ‘johnny quest’ on cartoon network. i’d write on my diary and draw clothes. my bed and my room was basically a haven for me. and since i didn’t have anyone else to look up to but my a-te, i listened to the same music she listened to as well. so in 4th grade, while everyone else was into disney songs, i was listening to madonna’s bedtime stories and watching reality bites with winona ryder and ethan hawke (loved that movie!). don’t get me wrong, i was still a typical kid most of the time, but i have always loved to be wrapped up in my own world.  so now, everywhere i go, i can plug into my ipod and just while the world away with my music. 
gizelle is weird. thank you. normal is boring
 striped tee – big sister’s closet
grey pencil skirt – thrifted for only P15 ($0.03)
black strappy heels – so fab
long watch necklace – hk gift shop
work watch – swatch
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. I used to say that one of the worst things a person can be (besides the obvious: i.e. a murderer) is boring. Kudos for us weirdos 😛


  2. Normal is TOTALLY boring! Being weird is so in style.

    You look utterly fantastic! Loving the sexy secretary thing you've got going on. 🙂


  3. Gizelle, great blog. Keep this quote in mind anytime someone calls you weird:

    “Be normal, and the crowd will accept you. Be deranged, and they will make you their leader.”

    HA! And thanks for visiting my blog!

    I'm a follower! X


  4. I love weirdness!! 🙂 I'm werid too and think it's a great thing!! How are you doing Gizelle?? Hope you're great! What a simple and chic look you have going on here. Adore it.

    xx Love & Aloha


  5. being weird is something to proud of. iam weird that's why i know.

    nice pencil skirt for a P15 price!:)



  6. This is kind of funny because today I was talking to my dad & he said something about if I get involved in the fashion world some of the people are wierd(in a joking way). I answered that I'd rather live a weird life than a boring life (:
    As always, I love your outfit & especially the shoes <3



  7. gwapa gwapa gwapa.
    angayan kaayo kas imong gisuot, day.
    lameh ra ang red lepstek. bagay kaayo.
    di nalang jud ko mu comment kabahin anang mga weird2 kay i always take it as a compliment. ingon pa ako amigo 'weird is the new black'.

    happy sunday, gwapa!


  8. I agree whole-heartedly!
    Who wants to be deemed 'normal' anyways?
    It is people's lovely little quirks that make life more interesting!

    (and I love your top there~)


  9. thank you for replying! sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. 🙂 i LOVE the red lipstick and the stripes here. you look so stunning. i love how you're always so happy in your pics!


  10. nautical stripes are so chic now, you're so right on trend. lovin this look 🙂

    it's okay to be weird. my mom also uses that word to describe moi haha


  11. Weird = Special!!

    Adore your striped shirt paired with the pencil skirt! You look absolutely gorgeous with the red lippie too:)



  12. Im weird too 🙂
    proud to be different!! sorry for not emailing my dear i was away all weekend in Glasgow visiting my sister. Im gonna pass on the ring due to the postage charges..damn not living in the USA has so many disadvantages!! lol 🙂
    vicki xo


  13. Haha, I'm known to be a little bit weird 😛 I love the stripes and the pencil skirt. The strappy heels are gorg!! I wish I can find a pair of those somewhere in Toronto.


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