inside my oversized bag

i’ve been tagged by cassiopeia to show what’s inside my bag. 
i’ve always loved this kind of feature in magazines — as a kid growing up with seventeen mag and now, i’m living by preview magazine (a local fashion magazine that can very well compete with international ones). 
in my favorite grey oversized bag are (clockwise):
  • a notebook with a tin cover — a gift from a very close friend for christmas
  • my trusty ol’ ipod classic — i am a music fanatic and have about 4000+ songs on my list (so you can see how an ipod touch or nano won’t do for me)
  • my sony erricson walkman phone w705 — this is a recent purchase from smart as i already turned 18 months with them. always an avid fan of SE phones. the software just don’t have any hang-ups
  • my samsung corby — a free phone from sun (another phone carrier). for some who don’t know, sun offers unlimited sun-to-sun text and call…perfect if you’re in a relationship. LOL.
  • black xoxo wallet — also contains cards, id’s, money (of course!) and receipts that i unconsciously keep
  • lullaby hand wipes — for icky moments..hehe.
  • maybelline unstoppable shiny black mascara — this is the only brush that can reach my very limited lashes…hehe.
  • kozie pen eyeliner — it’s fun because it’s like a easy to apply!
  • revlon colorstay mousse foundation — i don’t do touch-ups except for lip balm. i hate it when girls apply powder in a crowd. i want my make-up to stay the whole day.
  • maybelline lipstick — a very light and neutral shade
  • carmex lip balm — cannot live without lip balm! carmex keeps my puckers smooth and soft!
  • in 2 it gel blush — this lasts for 8 hours…guess you know why i like it. haha!

ps. if you’re wondering about the weird stuffed animals — they’re trinkets for my phone so i can easily pull my phones out of my bag…haha!

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  1. i love that bag of yours! its contents are interesting too haha – all the essentials 🙂 i can't believe you carry two phones?! though i have an SE too 🙂


  2. cute post! it's good to know what other women hide in teir bags! mine is so big that consequently i have everything there – i treat it as a rubbish bin as well. i'm soo untidy…


  3. Cool post! I just did a similar tag on my blog! But I have nothing much to show sadly, I'm one of those ppl who carry a large bag with nothing to put inside:P



  4. Wow amazing hidden treasure…let me just figure out my oversize bag because I just realized today that…it is like a trash bin…I just put all the things funny!!!!

    I hope I can clean it up and put something like this as well…

    Very organized

    Take care dear



  5. i hate it when girls apply powder in a crowd. –> I'm with you on that one. My cheap-*ss SE keeps freezing, though. I might give Smart another visit for a 3rd retention application 😉


  6. OK.. i know this is super really late question. I waana ask ehere can you buy Carmex lip balm in Cebu? I went to every drugstores and beauty stores and they do not carry it… My lips are dying now! hahaha.


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