i just close my eyes

before anything else, i know everyone is saddened by the death of Alexander McQueen. He was a genius designer and will be greatly missed by the fashion industry. RIP Lee McQueen.
so i’m back to work. back to the grind and very deep in it. nothing interesting has happened to me since coming back from my long weekend. although now, when i’m overwhelmed with the piles of work, i close my eyes and think that at the end of the day, i’m going home to a tree house cottage with ambient lights and a comfortable bed. it comforts me for a minute and makes everything all right again. 
i’ve been thinking about putting up a “vanilla ice cream shop”. people have been asking me where i buy my clothes or how i’m so lucky at thrifting. well, thrifting is a hobby. it’s something my mom and i love to do. we do it monthly and we buy in bulks — trust me, my arms get sore after shopping at vintage stores. i was thinking of selling some of the stuff i bought (washed and ironed, of course) and if i love what i bought too much, design something inspired by the item and have it custom-made for the shop. what do you think?
ruffled top – thrifted
cropped black knit cardigan – thrifted
black croc belt – props
skinny jeans – chillypapas
grey flats – so fab (big sister’s gift!)
spiral cuffs – props
gun-metal reindeer necklace – bubble bee gift shop

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  1. Was so sad when I heard about it this morning too…

    YOu should definitely move forward with the shop idea! It's one way to earn extra so you could buy more cute stuff.

    Enjoyed looking at your Moalboal pix. I have a friend whose been there and she's raving about the place! =)


  2. Indeed, the artistic & threatical designs of McQueen will be missed. I always LOVED those quirky yet painful heels he designed….genius! Vanilla ice cream shop? Sounds cool to me 🙂


  3. Gizelle, you should really open the vanilla ice cream shop already. your pieces are beautiful!

    i really like your ruffled blouse this. you always look so lovely with simple styles! interesting story about staying in a tree house cottage, too. i too, when in troubles i tend to search for someplace quiet so that i could regain back my happiness 🙂

    mcQueen's death is shocking. he'll be missed for sure!


  4. i will be a regular customer Gizelle! haha! 🙂 yes, you are indeed very lucky at thrifting and your ruffled top is just gorgeous!


  5. i adore your top in these pictures. the detailing is so fantastic and i love how rough yet soft it looks. 🙂 glad you enjoyed your long, relaxing weekend away.
    i'm definitely for the idea of having a vanilla ice cream shop! 🙂


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