day three: culture immersion

**i apologize for another heavy-image post. just had to relish our last at the town of moalboal.**

believe it or not but i think this is the first beach trip where i didn’t spend the whole day under the sun and just frolicking in the waters — it was because the water was freezing and the wind so chilly. harry and i made vodka sprite (absolut + sprite..duh! LOL) and placed it in a water bottle just to disguise it but it couldn’t help the cold. summer may look like it’s here but i love how it’s still windy.
we left the resort after lunch and took a tricyle (auto richshaw) to town to ride a van for hire (v-hire in cebu). it usually takes an hour for the van to leave because the driver has to wait for it to fill up. harry and i were the first to occupy the van so we had some time to observe how life is lived in the town of moalboal. we bought fried fritters on the street (fried bite size pieces of chicken, lumpia) and the buy-one-take-one burger from minute burger. it was a coincidence that the high school there had their field demonstration on the open space in front of the church so lots of people were there. notice how cute the old couple is — together walking in the park with their walking sticks. and of course, the town fashionista — with his (or her) sparkly purple belt strutting the streets. 
til’ next time! back to reality. (roll credits…)
knitted dress – thrifted
blue swimsuit – rustan’s
brown and blue flip-flops – havaianas, make your own
bangles – props
white graphic tee – roxy
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. Andy says:

    i dont mind at all! I just want to dream that i'm in your place. i miss the beach!



  2. wow so beautiful!


  3. Hiiii. Sooo. I'm only REALLY jealous. I've got a major snow warning for tomorrow. You've got sunlight.

    Yeah. Okay. I will just melt away in the snow and you have fun in the sun.


    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. katrina says:

    ang cute mo talaga! i'm happy to hear that you had a fun time during your vacation. those times are precious!

    by the way, your comment on my blog made me laugh. it's weird. we've never met in person but you know me so well already.


  5. DaMnViXeN says:

    aww that pic of the oldie couple won me over.. so sweet! i always enjoy your posts ^^


  6. Jeje says:

    Sounds really fun! It makes me wanna go to the beach 😐


  7. mila says:

    Ahhhh, your pictures look amazing! I want to go to the beach right now. And badly.:/



  8. Anita says:

    i love all picture here,so beatiful..
    btw thank you for d comment on my blog now im following you and link your blog,
    .hope you can follow me back.if you dont mind.


  9. omg i wish it was summer here. but its just soo damn cold. nice pics:)


  10. mariel elisa says:

    what beach is this? it looks heavenly.

    i would kill for some lumpia right about now


  11. Nina says:

    Soooo envious of your vacay … need one too!

    Planning a trip to Cebu this year … I shall make sure to meet you!


  12. Leah says:

    I want to go to the beach too. These are beautiful images. 🙂


  13. Dane says:

    I was looking at the previous posts going.. Club Serena? I miss that place, it belongs to some relatives of mine. Its such a great place.. you should have gone to Kawasan Falls, thats really close by.. nice pics!


  14. Pipi Who? says:

    i'm working on your cartoon… i'll finish it soon dear…^^ hehe..

    btw i loveeee the Hotel where you're staying at…


  15. Little voice says:

    love your sunglasses , but this all looks amazing .


  16. I love your photos!! It makes me want to book a flight and go on an adventure asap! You look so relaxed and happy 😉 HAha, I love your photo of the “town fashionista” and your her (or his) description! I really can't tell which one it is….


  17. Nathalie says:

    such great pictures. wow, they make all us people in the grey weather long for a nice holiday 🙂


  18. Ash Fox says:

    so jealous of that gorgeous sunshine. love your bikini!



  19. Cute photos, love the dress ;))

    xoxo M.


  20. this is a DREAM. i can't believe how vivid your photos are…



  21. Jen says:

    I love the gauzy curtains and your fab retro shades!

    Sneaking a little shot of alcoholic warmth in a water bottle – I like your style! 🙂


  22. priincess says:

    awwww u make me miss summerrrr!


  23. Wendy says:

    Chicken lumpia sounds so good right now.


  24. Jen says:

    awww these pictures are so adorable as well. looks like you had a lot of fun exploring the town and such (that little old couple is ridiculously cute <3)
    i'm loving how you wore that knitted dress as a beach cover-up. stop making me envy your warm weather!! we should switch weathers for a few hours haha


  25. Sonya says:

    Ahh, I would kill for some summertime weather right about now!


  26. luvly place n nice photo shoot..

    follow me and i will follow u back..thxxx


  27. beautiful photos 🙂 looks so warm & peaceful!


  28. Carmen says:

    I love these photos, they're amazing.
    Really jealous of all the sun you're getting.



  29. Raquel says:

    hi..great photos..such a beatiful place…

    love it

    i´m folowwing
    kisses from brazil


  30. betz says:

    don't we all wish it's a getaway everyday. these photos make me all dreamy..



  31. Vinda Sonata says:

    wow, the beach trip seems seriously fun. i like seeing sunny pictures amd summer clothes. i wish i live near beaches, too, i really love visiting beaches.

    great outfit, too, Gizelle. white and blue make an interesting, sweet combination. havaianas are undefeatable in term of comfort. i wish i could get a pair soon!


  32. I want a weekend getaway like this. beautiful photos.


  33. charmaine says:

    yapi, i just have to say this… the blue swimwear i bought from DOROTHY PERKINS in manila, not rustan's 🙂


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