love at first sight

ever since i was a kid, heart’s day is always spent with friends. february 13 is one of my best friends’ birthday and we always spend it on february 14. it was love at first sight for all us. we all went to school together since 1st grade and became close friends when we were 12 years old. we were not the same people as some are on the honor roll, some are pretty much notorious for antics in school and some — like me — pretty much have her own world but with the same humor, same craziness, utter thoughtfulness and consideration for each other, we built 13 years of friendship that time has tried and tested. 

green and pink plaid shirt – dad’s closet | pink tank top – thirfted | skinny jeans – chillypapas
brown peep-toe platform heels – matthews  | turquoise studded belt – big sister’s closet
heart necklaces – random buys | pink and gold bangles – a gift from India
turquoise and gold bangle – hk gift shop | sunnies – thrifted at carbon
on another note, i’ve always loved ‘sunday morning’ by maroon 5…it reminds me of that drive my sisters and i had on the highway of a reclaimed land south of our city. sunday mornings give that chill vibe. it signals not just a new day but a new chance to make the following week better than the last. it’s mostly a time spent with family or on the bed, wrapped in the sheets watching re-runs of our favorite movies. most of all, it is a day of good GOOD food. the following photos were taken this 5am, on the way to cordova market (in mactan island) to buy seafood — shrimps, crabs, fish — for sunday lunch and for my mom’s seafood birthday party this wednesday.
have a great sunday everyone! 
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  1. …cute bracelets :). Now that sound is playing in my head….but just switched over to “Charmed Life” by Leigh Nash. That sound just takes me into breezy calm afternoon, sitting on a “bug-free” porch and thinking of what could be, what is, and however I could smile……. 🙂 Simple joys in the moment. Usually, on Valentine's Day……I just make someone else smile, I don't really have a Valentine this year either
    😦 but it's cool nonetheless. Everyone's making me feel all late with the early V-day post…well, I'll be posting mine up in a few hours.

    Hope your Valentine's weekend is full of fun and laughter 🙂


  2. happy valentines day beloved! im pretty sure yours will be filled with tons and tons of love. the bangles are gorge!



  3. I really love the heave bracelets and tucked over belt. And of course all the bright colours!

    and thank you for the comment!



  4. It's so lovely that you spend Valentine's Day with friends. I always thought that was such a fun thing to do! Love your photos here – as always.


  5. I LOVE that your green and pink plaid shirt is from your dad's closet!!! So brilliant!! It looks amazing on you and you've styled it with perfection 😉

    I also love that hearts day is spent with your friend of 13 years. It is so nice to read about great friendships, the love that exists, the trust and honor you have between each other! To me this is way better than vday with boyfriends 😉


  6. yeah.agree!i have friends for life also.i can be so crazy with pretensions and eh.

    gizelle, i adore your accessories jud ba!as in! and ofcourse your lovely thrifted items!:)


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