day two: sunrise til’ sunset

 warning: image-heavy post. what can i say? we spent all day at the beach — 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  so please be patient. grab a drink or snack while you wait for the images to load…*wink*
woke up at 5:00 AM due to a power outage in the resort. who need power anyway? the wind is cool and the air is fresh. we didn’t have time to waste. we changed into our suits and grabbed our beach bag filled with sunblock, carmex, my canon sx20, tripod and the sarong. took a walk on the long strip of beach and found other people up and about, taking their breakfast as well. harry and i had to wait for ours though as the resort cafe opened at 8:00 AM…haha! it was pure relaxation…what with a cottage with a very comfy bed right in front of the beach. some people may find this boring — nothing to do but stare at the water! but that’s exactly what we came here to do. to do absolutely nothing but relax, listen to some good music and the waves, eat good food and feel the sea breeze on our faces.

ps. had some fun with the ‘color accent’ setting on my camera. i’m crazy about colors! and i couldn’t help but select a few to emphasize.
blue long sleeved top – dolce and gabbana (big sister’s closet…sssshhh!)
khaki shorts – roxy
brown and white polka swimsuit – props
beach bag – roxy
bangles – props
blue tie-dyed sarong – boracay

sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. CMA says:

    love the photos
    beautiful, looks like youre having fun
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, i appreciate it



  2. Andy says:

    wow, you are so in paradise. looks so much fun. i also wish for a little beach vacation.



  3. As Anne Lennox said; Sweet dreams are MADE of these, who am I to disagree….I can't 🙂 Just beauty! And hehe @ taking the sister's clothes. I'm wishing I could escape on tomorrow night, that IS away from the 10 inches of snow that's expect to come around 8pm…awhhh man. SIGH. 8 weeks until Spring…I can't wait.


  4. katrina says:

    nothing can beat gorgeous white sandy beach. how romantic! you look gorgeous as always. 🙂

    hey, i'm luvin' your new banner!


  5. Jing says:

    hello summer!!!wow!you surely had great time.

    beautiful pictures!:)


  6. Sonya says:

    What a beautiful beach! I definitely miss going to the beach, it's too cold now 😦


  7. very good photos 🙂


  8. luka says:

    lovely pictures! have a very nice shirt


  9. beautiful shots!! i miss going to the beach and the empty beach resort you went to look really really nice!! staring at the sea is pure relaxation.

    i love the dolce top and the polka bikini on you!! 🙂


  10. megara says:

    this looks so glorious! i even showed my husband these pictures- ya know just to hint at a nice little getaway! I hope you had fun!!


  11. this place is so dreamy!


  12. Martwa Marta says:

    beautiful pictures – you live in paradise!!!


  13. Jen says:

    gizelle! these pictures are even more adorable than the ones before! the first picture in the last pair is stunning and makes me smile 🙂 you two are so sweet together.
    i love the idea of an outdoor bed facing the ocean. seems like you were really able to just sit back and relax with the waves crashing. what's more perfect than that?


  14. Hillary says:

    I love all the photos! Your vacation seems so idyllic and peaceful.


  15. betz says:

    wow, i'm sure you had a perfect time gizelle! i'm officially naibog. you look so pretty sitting in that cot. oh, i can imagine myself having a great massage there.



  16. amazing pics!!!! love this summer weather, atmosphere, everything! u look great girl, so cute:)


  17. Jen says:

    You look so relaxed and happy. I'm totally jealous!


  18. Haha I want your life !


  19. Toni says:

    polka dots! lovely!
    i miss Moalboal :s but i dint get to visit that side of the beach.. it looks very secluded. Bas-daku was rather crowded the last I was there :s

    ur making me crave for the beach all the more Gizelle with your awesome pics 🙂


  20. Vinda Sonata says:

    beautiful pictures and interesting story. how lovely. i'd love to spend all the time in the sun. i really love the combination of tones in those pictures too, btw, how gorgeous! pictures of beaches had never failed me!


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