walk till i can’t walk no more

 a sneak peak of my shoes.
they’re not much and the most expensive one i own is only P2000…
but i love them all! and i try my best to give them all attention by wearing them regularly…

heels (left to right): white gladiator heels – centropell, tan cutout heels – le donne, black strappy heels – so fab!, khaki pumps – shooz, tan oxford heels – shooz, brown suede with rhinestones – celine, brown booties – rosanna peña, black peep-toe booties – celine
fave flats(left to right): bronze – unlisted, black with bow tie – leaveland, black with studs – mongkok ladies market, white/khaki oxford mary-janes – so fab!, grey suede – so fab!
boots and others (left to right): grey – janylin, black biker boots – mongkok ladies market, tan boots – centropell, khaki/gold sneaks – leaveland, white flats – mario d’ boro, suede ankle boots – mongkok ladies market


  1. you have an awesome shoe collection..
    I so want your tan cutout heels 🙂
    I've been looking for one just like that <3<3<3


  2. love love love the shoe collection giz. i see you're a fan of boots and thats fabulous, there should be more girls who wear boots with panache! and i die for those studded flats. love:)

    btw, now that i think about it, i do remember seeing “aimee's ate” all over campus before! small world aint it:)

    btw ive added you to my blogroll, dont forget me in yours!:)



  3. OH i'm in heaven! i love shoes…too much.

    i was thinking of doing a post like this too. it's a good way to show appreciation to the beauties of our life, right?

    hope you have a great weekend!


  4. i love your shoes!! it's as if each has that vintage feel already!! i like that a lot about shoes.. sometimes, the too fancy ones (also very expensive) can be too trendy and not last very long. either that or it's very hard to pair them with existing outfits in my wardrobe.


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