happier = less words

i’ve been thinking about what to write here. and i almost thought i’ve gone totally illiterate that i can’t write as much as i did before. i used to fill journals of my feelings or thoughts and when i read them all again, i couldn’t identify with what i wrote anymore. in it was a girl with so much insecurity, self-doubt and desperation. don’t get me wrong, i took risks (in both my personal life and career) and went on great adventures but i built a wall around myself. i showed people i was strong but deep inside, i was filled with fear. i don’t want this to sound like an attempt to write a script for a romantic movie but when i met harry, i slowly dropped the wall and shed the bitterness away. i thought i have lived my life to the fullest by going on multiply road trips and partying every weekend but i found myself going home, my journal in front of me and still feeling empty. when yapi (me) met harry, my journal entries became scarce and my thoughts are now of the future and no longer of the past..and possibly my life with him. could it be that if we’re happier, words become scarce…? because as of now, i am happily speechless…
floral printed bubble top – maek fashion
black leggings – bought from mom’s friend
black peep-toe booties – a gift from harry
grey bag – mongkok ladies market
chained watch with rose detail – elegant tang dynasty
angel wing and woven heart necklace – props + sm dept store
rings – props
sunnies – manalili


  1. Jen says:

    i do agree with you. i guess when you're feeling down you're just so frustrated and you have so many things inside of you that you need to get out. and once you're happy…well…then i guess you're speechless, as corny as that is 🙂

    anyway, this outfit is fantastic, i love the layering of necklaces and your booties. oh! and i'm in love with your shoe collection in the post before this one. i'm so tempted to steal all of them. haha 😀


  2. Mila says:

    Amazing shoes!


  3. Gorgeous booties! It seem like you have sunshine all the day! I'm so jealous of you 😉


  4. Hana says:

    Love the top, shoes and accessoriessss! :3


  5. AudreyAllure says:

    great outfit!

    love your blog! 🙂
    – Audrey Allure


  6. Aney, says:

    Lovely outfit and accessories!


  7. hey gizelle, thanks so much for the sweet comment. these are beautiful pictures by the way. dont ever feel insecure or doubtful. im fighting thru something similar right now, but ive realized that being a woman really is a powerful thing ; )

    xx lue


  8. ARANXA. says:

    ohh my i wish i had your hair ..its so cute and perfect!


  9. Eden says:

    awwww giz. hugs. i'm really glad that your perspective in life has totally turned 180. you do look positively blooming, you know.:) glad to know that you've found that love to really complete your life.:)

    glad to say were on the same boat with that one.:)

    p.s love the outfit btw!



  10. S.Elisabeth says:

    =)))) I love love. And that was so sweet. I remember reading my middle school diaries and laughing at how ridiculously overdramatic I was. Oh jeezz


  11. i would have to agree with less words on journals. But then I think I am more sociable and more daldal when I'm happy. Nice cute outfit


  12. Panda says:

    These are such cool pictures! I love the first two espesh.. What a awesome outfit!
    Oh, and thank you for you comment, it made me smile 🙂
    Panda xx


  13. Carmen says:

    Love your top 🙂

    Thanks for folllowing me, I'm now following you too.



  14. Kitsch says:

    You are soo beautiful. Wonderful pictures. Love your blog.

    Have a great day.


  15. You're so adorable. You kind of ressemble Chanel Iman in a not obvious way? Maybe…

    Anyways, in terms of writing – I totally know what you mean. Some days I'm just feeling so blank and emotionless, but then it all passes. I don't know, I guess you just have to go with the flow – things change as you grow up!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  16. Adorable outfit!! I love love love that shirt! I love how the print reminds me of vintage wallpaper, very beautiful 😉


  17. What a great post, dear! You have a very lovely blog. I'm curious, did Harry pick out the peep-toes? If so, props to his style! Your whole look is fantastic.
    Take care!


  18. kate maggie says:

    so cute! i love your blog 🙂


  19. Vinda Sonata says:

    gizelle, dear, i think we're twins! me too, i must admit i'm quite like you. sometimes i pretend to be someone a lot stronger than i really am while inside i feel lots of fear. even facing new people scares me.

    oh, and those pictures are lovely. your smiling face is so beautiful! i adore your ankle boots and the details of your necklace. hope you have a great day! 🙂


  20. Jess says:

    gorgeous shoes. i agree – i have stacks of journals back from a time when i was more lost and full of insecurities but now that i feel more comfortable with myself and happier i don't feel the need to write anymore. you're not alone!


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