can i hide in my closet?

i realized that i am not a kid anymore and cannot fit in my closet. i remember that my mom and big sister would use to go in these midnight sales in robinsons and i would tag along with them. while they’re choosing and fitting clothes, i’d hide under the clothes racks, appreciating the different textures and prints. i’d also try to scare my mom and sister too. i also remember that whenever my cousins, sister and i would play hide and seek, the closet was always the first thing i’d go to. my mom and dad had these double closets where there are two iron rods back to back. i’d burrow deep into the clothes and hide at the back. i can stay there for an hour. 
i wish i can hide in my closet now. or just under the clothes rack. that would be a perfect excuse not to go to work. don’t you think? 
oh by the way, i have submitted my resignation and will be tendering my last 30 days in our company. wish me luck! as i don’t have any plans at all. good thing my mom approved of my plan to just rest for a month. i am hacking my brains for things to do from august – september. i really want to get back to custom-making clothes, DIY-ing and jewelry making. let’s see if my laziness doesn’t get to the best of me. haha!

sheer polka dress (used as top) – random
jeans – chilly papas
button-up jacket – bossini (still thrifted)
off-white peep-toe heels – janeo
necklaces: eyeglasses – random | rose engraved watch – hongkong
stacks of faux gold bangles – gifted from india
white enamel bangle – props

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salt and pepper to taste

details (clockwise): my hindi bangles and other intricate bracelets on a star candle holder, collection of dangling and chandelier earrings from college, cocktail rings by my big sister’s influence and our drawer full of bangles from all over. 
just like food needs salt and pepper to taste, i need at least one accessory in my outfit to make it complete. ever since i can remember, i have always loved accessories — from that small bow tie in kindergarten to the straw hat in elementary, scarves on my head in high school and huge dangling earrings in college to my bangles and rings now.
accessories for me pulls an outfit together – whether it be my layered bangles or long necklaces. i remember back in college, when my family and i discovered this street downtown selling raw materials for accessories like beads and wooden unpainted bangles. we went loco over it and bought so many as strings of beads cost only P5 – P50 per strand, depending on the quality.  we spent hours in our living room, making necklaces, bracelets or earrings and even my dad joined in on the fun. he’s a dentist and is good with the pliers (as he does braces) so we’d ask him to shape us wires which we then use to hook in beads then make them as dangling or drop earrings. 
my dad was even part of our ‘painted canvas bag’ business in college. we asked him to sew us canvas bags and my little sister and i would paint on them by the customer’s request. but — that’s another story..*wink*
how do you feel about accessories?

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no sense of relief

have you ever been so deep in work that you feel as if there’s no end? i’m sorry for ranting but i just got home and am feeling very very (one more) very exhausted. it’s not that i don’t like the job, it’s just that the work is piling on everyday. i’ve recently had no sense of relief or satisfaction at the end of the day as i’ve accomplished so little (or i feel as if it’s little). 
what is my job anyway? to anyone not familiar with this business, i am one of the “night critters”…i work at a call center and have been for the past 4 years. people may ask if i’m not getting sick and tired of working nights — welp, people will be surprised at this but i actually like the schedule. it keeps me away from the traffic and the heat of the sun.i am actually sleepier when i work during the day (this is based on training schedules where it’s on regular working hours – am to pm). not to mention, the pay is much bigger with the night differential. i’m a supervisor and have been handling teams of 12 – 20 for almost 3 years. what i love about handling people? helping them become better people — not just at work but also how they view and take life. and seeing that light switch in their eyes when they realize they’ve done a good job and that they can actually do a good job. you see, most people who work in a call center as agents are what you call “meantime” people… 70-80% of the agents work there because they haven’t figured out or are in the process of getting what they want to do for the rest of their lives. so some don’t care much and some just come in for the sake of getting a job. i’m saddened by those people because they end up wasting their life away — afraid to take risks, some even afraid to have a goal and aim at career growth. i try as much as possible to help them realize their goals. and when they do, i feel like a million bucks. 
don’t get me wrong. this is only my ‘day’ or shall we say ‘night’ job… my goal in life? to start a clothing line and eventually, be a beach bum. LOL. as of now, i’m working my ass off to save enough money for those.
just a quick post of my necklace collection. there’s a quick peak of my earrings but then that’s another story..haha!
white top – mom’s closet
black and white floral skirt – thrifted
black croc belt – props
black polka tights – macua street market
black peep-toe booties – celine
long watch necklace – hk gift shop
gun-metal cuffs – props
rings: orange howlite – dane’s give-away | white – props

ps. i changed my header…what do you think?

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walk till i can’t walk no more

 a sneak peak of my shoes.
they’re not much and the most expensive one i own is only P2000…
but i love them all! and i try my best to give them all attention by wearing them regularly…

heels (left to right): white gladiator heels – centropell, tan cutout heels – le donne, black strappy heels – so fab!, khaki pumps – shooz, tan oxford heels – shooz, brown suede with rhinestones – celine, brown booties – rosanna peña, black peep-toe booties – celine
fave flats(left to right): bronze – unlisted, black with bow tie – leaveland, black with studs – mongkok ladies market, white/khaki oxford mary-janes – so fab!, grey suede – so fab!
boots and others (left to right): grey – janylin, black biker boots – mongkok ladies market, tan boots – centropell, khaki/gold sneaks – leaveland, white flats – mario d’ boro, suede ankle boots – mongkok ladies market