you can only do so much

i love it when i go about the house while everyone else is sleeping. it allows me to be me, silently. this week has been harder for me at work because i’m literally starting from scratch. i had to create new trackers and other files to support the group and to track accurate data of our performance. in other words, i have been burning my ass, typing on my seat with hardly any breaks and yet, i’m still a lot behind on other deliverables. how can this be? if not for the vogue feature and harry keeping my mood up, i would have broken down. leadership is after all about service but i can only do so much. 
so, at 5:00 AM, just as my shift is on its 9th hour, i sigh, look at my unfinished work, pack my bags and drive myself through the silent city. 
i’ve said this and i’m gonna’ say it again — thanks for the support of this blog and for taking the time out to not only check my outfits but also read what i have to say. it means a lot. 
striped top – thrifted
brown leggings – random buy
brown peep-toe platforms – matthews at cmg
rings: black spade – props | round animal print – props
song on my mind: soldier on by the temper trap

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no sense of relief

have you ever been so deep in work that you feel as if there’s no end? i’m sorry for ranting but i just got home and am feeling very very (one more) very exhausted. it’s not that i don’t like the job, it’s just that the work is piling on everyday. i’ve recently had no sense of relief or satisfaction at the end of the day as i’ve accomplished so little (or i feel as if it’s little). 
what is my job anyway? to anyone not familiar with this business, i am one of the “night critters”…i work at a call center and have been for the past 4 years. people may ask if i’m not getting sick and tired of working nights — welp, people will be surprised at this but i actually like the schedule. it keeps me away from the traffic and the heat of the sun.i am actually sleepier when i work during the day (this is based on training schedules where it’s on regular working hours – am to pm). not to mention, the pay is much bigger with the night differential. i’m a supervisor and have been handling teams of 12 – 20 for almost 3 years. what i love about handling people? helping them become better people — not just at work but also how they view and take life. and seeing that light switch in their eyes when they realize they’ve done a good job and that they can actually do a good job. you see, most people who work in a call center as agents are what you call “meantime” people… 70-80% of the agents work there because they haven’t figured out or are in the process of getting what they want to do for the rest of their lives. so some don’t care much and some just come in for the sake of getting a job. i’m saddened by those people because they end up wasting their life away — afraid to take risks, some even afraid to have a goal and aim at career growth. i try as much as possible to help them realize their goals. and when they do, i feel like a million bucks. 
don’t get me wrong. this is only my ‘day’ or shall we say ‘night’ job… my goal in life? to start a clothing line and eventually, be a beach bum. LOL. as of now, i’m working my ass off to save enough money for those.
just a quick post of my necklace collection. there’s a quick peak of my earrings but then that’s another story..haha!
white top – mom’s closet
black and white floral skirt – thrifted
black croc belt – props
black polka tights – macua street market
black peep-toe booties – celine
long watch necklace – hk gift shop
gun-metal cuffs – props
rings: orange howlite – dane’s give-away | white – props

ps. i changed my header…what do you think?

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complaining about all the complaining

mustard button-up dress – thrifted | grey tights – sm dept store | black peep-toe booties – celine
owl watch necklace – thrifted at manalili | bangles – props + gifts | black bag – lil’ sister’s 
sunnies – thrifted at carbon
i really hate ruining this day as harry and i turned 24 months today but all the negativity at work has really gotten to me and has somehow brought me down. all because they were all expecting to get something which is not necessarily something owed to them by the company. what i hate is all the complaining. as if they’re just waiting for the answer to fall from heaven — or in this case, the ceiling since we are confined in the office. nobody has approached me about it and even asked for help. it’s as if it’s their fight and complaining and being negative is their way of solving it. negativity really brings me down. it tugs on me like an anchor and honestly, it gives me back pains (from all the stress of being bothered by it)… i mean, not getting involved personally at work is easy to say but i can’t help it — especially when i can hear them ranting all the time. threatening resignation? what the….
there…i’ve let it all out. one thing i learned from my college best friend is patience. and to not complain but proactively step-up and allow things to happen and evolve. to be positive. and think that everything happens for a reason. i wish people can learn to be positive. see, for once, the bigger picture. be damn thankful.
and learn to let go.

to my honeybee, i’m sorry for rambling.
happy anniversary!
the past two years have been a blessing.

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hush now

this is me trying to be quiet since my sister is sleeping. i’m on her bed as it is near the window (better light, better pictures). she got mad at me for this because i eventually woke her up…haha! and yes, at 25 i still share a room with my sister. here in our country, it is not necessary to move out of the house after turning 18. we stay with our parents yet we do pay the bills..hehe. they took care of us and bore with our craziness, so it’s our time to take care of them. of course, i’ll soon get married and have a home of my own but i’ll always stay close. i am one those lucky people who not only are close to their parents, but we share a real friendship too.
i had to make do with a shoot inside our room as i was too lazy to find a good spot outside or ask our ‘manang’ (our house maid who has been with us for 10 years — i love her so!) to take a photo of me..i just got home from a 4-hour OT at work because we had to close a lot of work queues. it was the least i can do to support my team as they have been working their asses off. i hope we get through this week. so far, this has been the longest week ever..and i can’t wait for the weekend!
printed top – props
black blazer – thrifted
jeans – chillypapa
black studded flats – mongkok ladies market, hk
long chained watch – hk souvenir shop
dog tags – custom-made
ring – props

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braving the blue


i had asked for these blue tights of Leg Love by Kate Torralba from my manito (Secret Santa) for Christmas…and luckily, he found it. and now, when i think about it, it is such a bold shade of blue. an eye-catcher you might say. i wore this once with dotted tights over them (here!) and they looked subtle then — and that was for a vudu party.
so…i gathered all my courage and decided to wear them for work as i also needed a boost of confidence from the effects of work blunders last Tuesday. people stared. people were shocked and nearly dropped their jaws…i even had one agent ask me why i’m wearing such blue tights. and it kept me smirking the whole time because some people looked so funny trying not to stare in the elevator (in such a small space!)… nevertheless, i loved wearing these tights. despite everything, i stood out and i was myself again. who cares if they can’t understand.
i want to talk some more but my puppy is on my lap and has his head on my right arm. he gets mad when i type too loudly..haha!
printed top – thrifted
 black jacket – thrifted
blue tights – Leg Love by Kate Torralba
black flats with bow tie – leaveland
rings – props
bangle – props

daring to be great

i talked to a friend today…and we got to the topic of ‘just going the flow..’ this friend has a ‘go with the flow’ vibe..and doesn’t really make long term goals…when asked why he stayed with a company for a year, all he said was that he stayed just because…and he left because something happened that caused him not to attend work for quite some time…although i am most of the time a happy-go-lucky person and at times, just choose to go with the flow, i cannot stand not being in control of my life… my friend chooses to be mediocre..because if he aims high, he and the people around him have high expectations of him… but i have always chosen to be great… mediocrity for me is just choosing to not make the most out of your life…i have always believed that not trying and not taking risks is not living at all… but that’s just me. and that’s just my friend too.
ps. this is the very first time i’ve worn deep berry lipstick..saw it on my mom’s dresser and tried it out before i asked dad to take photos of me. yes, my dad takes my photos. *wink*

black blazer – linea italia
striped top – thrifted
skinny jeans – chillypapa
strappy heels – so fab!
dog tag – custom-made
rings – blue: props | howlite: dane’s giveaway
sunnies – thrifted

laid back


got exhausted after bringing my puppy to the vet yesterday that i wasn’t able to prepare my outfit. welp, what can i say, there are laid back days. days when we cannot be all glamorized. on days like these, i pile on the accessories, as much as i can. and what better accessory to wear than the ring i won from dane’s christmas giveaway. it arrived yesterday and i just love it! the shoes i’m wearing here is my ever-worn out metallic flats that i grab when i’m in a hurry, other than my black flats with the bow tie. it’s just so comfortable.  a co-worker even commented, “hey, you’re wearing flats today…”
i had a really good day at work. i was able to do four one-on-one sessions with my group and had the chance to hear their thoughts and feelings. i have to say, i was a bit hesitant and scared because i didn’t really know what they’re thinking besides the caucus that’s going on. and with the drama that happened, who wouldn’t be nervous. but the day was really productive, except maybe for the trouble we got when another supervisor found some people sleeping (it’s because they were done with their work!). nevertheless, i have to be the middle man…and had to again give them the rationale of focusing at work. it’s so funny and ironic that while other groups worry about customer satisfaction and average handle time, our group worry about ‘sleeping issues…’ can anyone give me suggestions on fun activities to do at work? just so people can avoid falling asleep…or can anyone suggest ways not to fall asleep at work at all??? haha!
plaid mini-dress – thrifted
brown leggings – bought from mom’s friend
metallic flats – unlisted
blue ring – props
orange howlite ring – dane’s giveaway