you can only do so much

i love it when i go about the house while everyone else is sleeping. it allows me to be me, silently. this week has been harder for me at work because i’m literally starting from scratch. i had to create new trackers and other files to support the group and to track accurate data of our performance. in other words, i have been burning my ass, typing on my seat with hardly any breaks and yet, i’m still a lot behind on other deliverables. how can this be? if not for the vogue feature and harry keeping my mood up, i would have broken down. leadership is after all about service but i can only do so much. 
so, at 5:00 AM, just as my shift is on its 9th hour, i sigh, look at my unfinished work, pack my bags and drive myself through the silent city. 
i’ve said this and i’m gonna’ say it again — thanks for the support of this blog and for taking the time out to not only check my outfits but also read what i have to say. it means a lot. 
striped top – thrifted
brown leggings – random buy
brown peep-toe platforms – matthews at cmg
rings: black spade – props | round animal print – props
song on my mind: soldier on by the temper trap

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  1. love, im sorry to hear about your work pressures:( going through something similar as of the moment– my radio work is totally screwed up as more and more exterior opportunities pile up– i have to stop myself to be totally getting screwed and find a balance somehow. hope you do the same as well:)

    btw, signed up for blog camp na?



  2. ohh work pressure is aweful. You'll pull through though, I know it!
    I love reading what people write on their blogs, actually. It's a little window into their personallity~



  3. Don't you hate how WORK gets in the way of a blogging career;) hehehe
    Soldier On girl, you may be stressed/tired/fed up – but you still look cute! \
    x cathy


  4. aww hun, cheer up! Tomorrow will be a better day!!

    It's a pleasure coming here to check on your pretty outfits and read what you have to say:)



  5. Hey Gizelle,

    Lovin' the belt 🙂 I feel you…for me? If not for laughter on this week I'd broke down. Have a fab day :0) Also, I gave you a Socialite Crown Award.


  6. Sorry to hear about your work pressures, I hope things get better for you! I looove your striped top 🙂


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