be kind, rewind two | thank you, shoe heaven!

planning a wedding and trying to achieve that perfect, magical one can dampen one’s shopping spirits. since the proposal, harry and i have agreed to save, save, save every extra money we have. believe it or  not, the last time we watched a movie on the cinema was July. all this time, we’ve been spending weekends at home, just watching dvd’s and pigging out. finishing the big bang theory from the season 1 –  4 didn’t hurt though and i was mighty glad Sheldon, Penny and Leonard were there to accompany us. 
so as i am not able to buy more clothes or a new pair of shoes, i have decided to continue the ‘be kind, rewind…’ posts and make it a series. the first one was this one. and for this post: the giraffe-printed shirt i wore on May 2010 and the black pleated trousers i first wore on March 2011. 

on other news, i guess the heavens heard my deep want to get a new pair of shoes because i just got a new pair that’s not just gorgeous but super comfortable. Mickey of reached out to me on July and asked for a pair that i wanted from their website which they’ll send for free. i never thought it would arrive until i got this pair in the mail:

thank you, Wanted for the new pair of shoes! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
outfit post of the lovelies will be up, soon…

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