pandora’s box don’t tempt me

a few of us here in Cebu know of a place where you can find the cheapest and cutest accessories. it’s tucked in a small street in downtown Cebu that not everyone knows about it. i will not divulge the location so to keep the place a secret. what i will divulge though is how the store has a wall filled with cute, pretty and charming rings. there are also racks of bangles, bracelets and necklaces that now also fill my dresser and my own wall.  every time i visit there or even just pass by the store, i can’t resist buying a bunch. so i present to all of you the most recent additions to my collection:

isn’t the cat + mouse ring just adorable? i woke up this morning planning my outfit around this ring. the ring just screamed nursery rhymes and i couldn’t help but pick out this dainty lace and tulle skirt that my mom and i thrifted a week ago. of course, with the clearer skies today, i had to bring out my suede wedge booties too.
i vowed to myself though that i will only visit the store every other month. although the accessories costs only range from PHP10 – PHP150, buying a bunch can still do a good amount of damage to my wallet. so see you in two months, tempting accessories store. 
lace and tulle skirt – thrifted
egg white tank top – borrowed from sis
chambray top – thrifted
nude suede wedge booties – gold dot
studded green wide belt – borrowed from sis
eiffel tower + star necklace – carbon find
charm bracelet – carbon find
rings: cat + mouse | purse | bowtie – carbon finds

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