pandora’s box don’t tempt me

a few of us here in Cebu know of a place where you can find the cheapest and cutest accessories. it’s tucked in a small street in downtown Cebu that not everyone knows about it. i will not divulge the location so to keep the place a secret. what i will divulge though is how the store has a wall filled with cute, pretty and charming rings. there are also racks of bangles, bracelets and necklaces that now also fill my dresser and my own wall.  every time i visit there or even just pass by the store, i can’t resist buying a bunch. so i present to all of you the most recent additions to my collection:

isn’t the cat + mouse ring just adorable? i woke up this morning planning my outfit around this ring. the ring just screamed nursery rhymes and i couldn’t help but pick out this dainty lace and tulle skirt that my mom and i thrifted a week ago. of course, with the clearer skies today, i had to bring out my suede wedge booties too.
i vowed to myself though that i will only visit the store every other month. although the accessories costs only range from PHP10 – PHP150, buying a bunch can still do a good amount of damage to my wallet. so see you in two months, tempting accessories store. 
lace and tulle skirt – thrifted
egg white tank top – borrowed from sis
chambray top – thrifted
nude suede wedge booties – gold dot
studded green wide belt – borrowed from sis
eiffel tower + star necklace – carbon find
charm bracelet – carbon find
rings: cat + mouse | purse | bowtie – carbon finds

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  1. oooh ENVY! i love all your rings, Gizelle! and I can't wait to visit that small shop! my officemates have been talking about it nonstop!

    and i love the whole ensemble! :))


  2. Okay, not only are your rings cute but so are your nails! What a pretty, pretty skirt and fun cut-out booties! I've never been to Cebu, but my aunt by marriage is from there and I read the novel by Peter Bacho when I was in college. I'm not sure when I'll be able to visit the PI again, but when I do I want to explore more like Cebu and Boracay and Antiqué (Ilo Ilo) where my paternal grandpa was from. And, you know I'll be roaming around downtown Cebu looking for this shop.


  3. just noticed your new banner! it's very cute!!

    and i love your rings, minus the cat one haha because i absolutely despise cats. but everything else is just darling!


  4. hahaha! I totally feel you on the urge to hoard cute stuff…women can't get enough of lovely things indeed. am dying with envy with your cat-mouse ring. It's sooo cute am gonna die..aargh. 🙂

    lovely ensemble by the way!


  5. really beautiful rings Gizelle…hahaha I know we all love these kind of accessories and thinking that these jewels are the only thing we can give our daughters someday hahahhaa!!!!



  6. I always love your rings gizelle! We have the same envelope ring 🙂 Wee! By the way, I'm really happy for you and I hope you and harry will continue to be together for another 3 years!! 🙂 I'm really happy when couples stay together 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul


  7. I LOVEE THAT DENIM JACKET . i think i need to find one

    andd yess re-taking oufits is a pain.. cus u cant just put on ur outft and take photos.. takes alot more effort than that !


  8. gamay nlng ako accessories G. duha na sako mga sisters ako accesoories tong niuli ko sa mindanao.I hope that store is just near my aprtment.hehe.nice rings,G!


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