this heartache

this was taken last sunday when i decided to suprise harry after his shift (at 9:00 AM) for breakfast at one of the retaurants in I.T. Park. decided to bring along snickers so he won’t grow up ignorant from the world since he’s mostly couped up in the room. he can’t go out because our old dog is so mean and possessive of our attention (especially my dad’s) that we’re afraid she’d attack him. being a sunday morning, the park was serene, perfect for just hanging out and chilling. i sat by the pond for a while and enjoyed being alone for a few minutes. those are one of my favorite moments — when i can just be alone and be allowed to think. 
so this weekend, harry and i watched one of the local movies ‘miss you like crazy‘… i’ve always loved the tandem of john lloyd cruz and bea alonzo on-screen (don’t like her too much anywhere else..haha!) the movie was predictable but still interesting. i loved the concept. i loved the scenes. i love the conversations and the lines. and it brought about certain emotions that i’ve suppressed for a while. 
i miss my best friend so damn much. it’s harder breaking up with a friend than with a boyfriend. you’d take years of friendship and just throw it away. she was my soulmate. we could be together and not say anything but know how we are feeling. we had a falling out almost 3 years ago and my heart is still aching, everyday. although i have harry, there are times when i’d feel so damn alone because i lost the only person who can understand me without asking why. i have tried opening up to my other friends but it’s just different. she’s in hawaii and i’m here. miles apart and we can’t bridge this gap that we have. 
so now i have woken up with very swollen eyes, having cried myself to sleep last night.
polka mini-dress – thrifted
black cropped cardigan – thrifted
brown sandals – prima donna
brown leather bag – thrifted
bangles: orange polka – a gift | pink polka – DIY | bronze – props
vintage car necklace – manalili
sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. love the polka dot dress and your doggie is soooo cute!


  2. Kitty White says:

    Ah I want your dog! Cute blog, hope you feel better, everything will mend x


  3. projectvee says:

    wow the polka dot dress is just adorable 🙂


  4. miss_vogue says:

    in looooove with your sunglasses!


  5. Jen says:

    how do you always manage to look so cute in your pictures? i'm in love with those polka-dots.
    that's so sweet of you to surprise harry and snickers is adorable in these shots 🙂
    on the sadder topic, i do agree that breaking up with a friend is harder to deal with and heal from compared to breaking up with a boyfriend. feel better, gizelle, and keep a smile on that face. life can always surprise you when you least expect it. xx


  6. cute dog ! really love your polka dress ! and your sandals are fantastic !


  7. fadetoblack says:

    adorable… and i love our sunglasses 🙂


  8. eunice says:

    adorable polka dot dress! you have the cutest dresses!


  9. Martwa Marta says:

    i'm sorry to hear that you have lost your best friend.. it is so distracting!! hoping you get well soon and realize that you other friends are worth trusting and relying on!

    you look so lovely! i like the dress very much – it's so optimistic!


  10. sharonlei says:

    What a super cute dress… 🙂

    And, I'm sorry to hear aout your and your best friend. 😦 Me and my BFF had a falling out about 8 years ago. We didn't speak for a year and a half. (we also known eachother since we were 6, we're now both 27).. anyway when we finally spoke and sorrys were spoken, we had to rebuild our friendship.. and today it's the strongest friendship I have. I call her my soulmate #2 (my hubby is my #1)… and I love her to death! Maybe you and your friend are just “on a break”.. I hope things will work out for you 🙂

    Take care sweetie.

    xx Love & Aloha


  11. DaMnViXeN says:

    awww i feel you there.. there's nothing like the love us girls share with our girlfriends.. its a different bond jud.. makes me miss my girls 😦


  12. you look very cute with the dots!
    sorry to hear about the 'break up' with your best friend, I'm not sure if time heals all wounds. Let's just hope it does!

    xx! Breshna & Rona


  13. What an adorable puppy. You're totally adorable, too! xo


  14. Jess says:

    aww saying goodbye to a friend is so tough – hang in there sweetie! that pup is adorable btw and so is your dotted minidress 🙂


  15. Love the polka dots dress!!!
    Just lovely, and the colors are so fresh 🙂


  16. Marjolein says:

    Great outfit! LOVE your sunglasses! =)


  17. Carmen says:

    Dress is so cute, love the polka dots.



  18. Eden says:

    G! summer na summer ha:) gotta love:) may gani maka cardigan paka! init kaayo. mabuang ko. as in i want to go out in my underwear na jud. hehe.

    bitaw lets discuss that blogger meet up soon! lets invite, isabeau, dredreveries, kinsa pa uban? watchuthink?



  19. Serg Riva says:

    Dear dedicated followers of fashion, please enjoy the latest clip from the fashion reality TV series, Serg Riva: The Urge to Serg.


  20. Elaine says:

    Gorgeous! Love the polka dotted dress. Can't believe you thrifted it!


  21. Jen says:

    That's so sad to hear. Could you build bridges, even if you are far apart? Nothing is worth losing a friend over.

    If it cheers you up, you look wonderful today. So sunkissed and happy.


  22. Nathalie says:

    I am sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon.
    On another note, your outfit is great. Love the dress


  23. Hillary says:

    You and your pup are adorable! Sorry to hear about your friend. Things like that are awful! 😦


  24. haven't have the time to watch miss you like crazy. but i sure will… hopefully i'll watch it twice. first with the bf so he'll learn some relationship lessons (although he hates mushy tagalog movies LOL) and second with the girlfriends for all the KILIG moments. LOL

    having a thing for polka dots, i sure want to raid your closet! love that dress. 🙂


  25. ANN says:

    So cute! I love polka dots and your dress 🙂


  26. before i even scrolled down i knew that dress would be thrifted because you always find the cutest things. i love polka dots on you, way too cute. esp your dog !

    xx lue


  27. Ali says:

    Cutest little dress ever! Makes me want to eat many different colored scoops of ice cream, mmm. Is that the intent of your blog, huuuh? 'Cause it works. :D!


  28. CMA says:

    FABULOUS little romper
    gorgeous darling
    as always, thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the lovely comments



  29. Marla Singer says:

    sorry to hear that =/
    well, you look so cute in the dress ❤


  30. Oh, don't cry! You are so lovely, there are new friends around the corner. And I'm sure you can find a way to communicate with your BFF, no matter where she is.


  31. Rae says:

    I love your blog and your outfit is adorable! I'm definitely becoming a follower! Follow/visit my blog!!!



  32. Melissa says:

    Cute dress (:
    I wish I could take my dogs out to the park but they are insane and don't know how to walk on a leash. They only try to run :/
    Aw, about your friend, that's happened to me before. It's amazing how you can be so close with someone and then suddenly, it's like you're strangers.


  33. Raez says:

    you and your dog are adorable! love you in polka dots!

    xx raez


  34. Ash Fox says:

    aw you and your pup are adorable!



  35. pensandlens says:

    Super fresh and amazing dress love.

    Did you receive the details regarding the giveaway you won?

    Take care always,

    See you soon in Cebu.



  36. I love those polka dots!


  37. Nina says:

    You are so right, Gizelle … breaking up with a friend is the worse heartbreak there is! Hope your heart is healing … hugs!


  38. Velire says:

    you look adorable and you shout out spring/summer with your outfit 🙂 i love it..

    awww im sorry to hear bout you n your bestfriend. im scared with the idea of ever loosing my bestfriends too but i guess, there is a reason for why it happened. 🙂 cheer up my dear, sayang ang ganda 🙂 hehehe. and im sure you will find someone 🙂


  39. Zanah says:

    OMG you are way too chic 🙂 Mon Mode Blog


  40. oh my… i know the pain of losing a friend – it's so upsetting. especially if you both can't seem to find a common understanding…

    …on another note, your sunnies are brilliant. i hope you know that these photos are gorgeous. and keep smiling 🙂



  41. Nubia says:

    You look so cute in that polka dress, and your pup looks adorable


  42. Beautiful outfit! I love the polka dots 😉 Awww that little puppy is so silly/cute!!!! I wanna give him a big old kiss! Aww I am so sorry you miss your best friend 😦 I totally understand how you feel, my BF lives in California, I am in NY….Waaa!!


  43. projectvee says:

    thanks for commenting! kimchi blue is great – you should check out some of their stuff on the UO website!
    ps. follow me back? 🙂


  44. I am Khatu says:

    wow love that dress, and can I have your dog? lol jk.


  45. alyssa says:

    hi i'm a new visitor!! omg that dress is so freaking darling! love it!


  46. Toni says:

    gizelle! u have all these gorgeous polka dot pieces! this one's candylicious!!


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