the good kind of blurry days

i am going to use “throwback thursday” as an excuse for my delinquency because really, it’s been a year since this outfit shot was taken. i did still have long, ombre hair but i am still wearing my favorite black booties.
i count my months by how many weddings or engagement sessions i style now. i label my months as the wedding season (may, june, december, january) or as the ghost month (august) and before i know it, the year has ended. it really is different living an artist’s life. the days are a blur but it’s the good kind.

owl tee – gifted by karen | white pleated skirt – primal rave | black booties – rubi shoes, cotton on | black bucket bag – thrifted | blue wide-brimmed hat – cotton on | bracelets – cotton on & downtown finds | feather earrings – downtown find | ring – downtown find | neon yellow belt – cotton on

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waking up whenever i want to!

i am officially free from the corporate world! and i am jumping like a kid on christmas day!
and then after jumping, i ran to my room, turned on the AC and watched 2 movies and totally cried over another nicholas sparks movie…haha!, slept, went to Harry’s place and ended the night drunk after jager bombs (say, jager bombs!) and my favorite kurant sprite (oh i love vodka) and with the infamous Orange Brutus Burger Steak…tihee!
so i woke up the next day with a really bad so-worth-it hangover, got a mani-pedi, went off to watch Inception with Karen while eating the mini-sampler burgers (5 mini-burgers with different toppings) from Flame it.
the best thing about this freedom is waking up whenever i want to! this break is like my summer. the best thing about school was getting summer and semestral breaks but when you start working, you don’t get any anymore. so here’s my chance, just for a month.
i hope everyone is having a great weekend!
ps. i know my mustard cardigan is a repeat and it may be too soon but i just love it too much! you know when you get a cardigan or jacket in a certain color that you think you can pair with anything? my mustard cardigan is that one for me now. it’s mustard and it has a hoodie. what could be better? haha okay, so maybe i’ll get over it and move on to the next one.

star-printed tee – thrifted
mustard cardigan – thrifted
denim shorts – thrifted
grey flats with animal-print bow – parisian, sm dept store
silver spring cuffs – thrifted at carbon
bronze bangle – props
printed enamel bangle – a gift from april mae
rings: orange howlite – dane’s giveaway | burnt orange stone – thrifted at carbon
round imprint necklace – a gift from gelie

brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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what could be better than VOGUE?

you cannot imagine how excited i am about this! i am literally shaking! all the more because when i received the e-mail from claire sulmers of saying that i was featured in TOUR THE WORLD IN 45 BLOGS, it was 3AM here and i couldn’t tell anybody else besides my big sister who’s still awake and harry.
i received an e-mail from that i was in consideration for inclusion in a roundup of international fashion blogger in Paris Vogue’s website: in March 26, 2010. i have this sort of paranoia from jinxing something so i contained my excitement and kept it from you guys until it was sure! believe me, i only told my family about it and my sisters helped me pick out my photo while harry proof-read my answers. although they did not post all the answers i provided, here is what i sent them (one item you might be familiar with because i posted about it in the city we love):
  1. Why did you start blogging? — I took the plunge into fashion blogging last November 2009 because I wanted to connect to this growing community where personal style is immensely showcased. I have always been into fashion, even as a kid and have always believed that style is not about what is dictated in fashion magazines nor based on what stars wear but should be based on instinct, the environment, on one’s mood and lifestyle. Fashion blogging allowed me to express myself and my style in ways I did not expect.
  2. What inspires you and informs your blog? —- Being in a tropical country and specifically on an island city, I am most inspired by our culture, history and environment. I love the colors that surround me, the beach and the mountains that are both just 30 minutes away from the city. I am inspired by how our city is developing yet we still maintain this serene and chill atmosphere.  Other than fashion, what informs my blog are my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I always make sure that my blog is not solely about my outfit but also about my life.
  3. How would you describe your style? — My style is a mix of bohemian, vintage and a pinch of rock.
  4. What fashion items are on your spring wish list? And why? — Cebu doesn’t have spring as our country only experiences two kinds of weather — sunny and rainy. March just kicked off summer here and my spring / summer fashion wish list would be: (1) Beaded / Studded Sandals — this is the season for the beach, swimsuits and summer dresses and what better way to complement them than bling on my feet. (2) Hindi Bangles — I got 2 sets from a co-worker from India and fell in love with them. They are so intricate and colorful. I could pile on bangles the whole season. (3) Ray Ban Wayfarers — They are versatile and have been on my wish list any other season since forever. (Note: I am not too keen on brands or designer labels. I love to thrift and I love vintage.)
  5. What do you do in real life? — I am in the BPO industry and have been in this industry for 4 years now. I am currently a Team Leader for a customer service / back office group and have 20 people under my wings. I lead, develop and help my agents not just to be their best at their work but also in real-life. Given this environment, my constant challenge and inspiration (fashion-wise) is to stand out among a sea of greys and blacks through my style. And yes, I wear the outfits I post on my blog to work, everyday.

thank you vogue paris!

and most of all, thank you to everyone of my readers and followers who read, comment and support this blog everyday. seriously, i wouldn’t have done this without you.
i am happy because for me, this means that my style has a point and it got across. and that this blog makes sense. *big smile*

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at the end of the day

….it is healthy to just laugh it off. the last few weeks have been really stressful for me. the culture of my previous company was so warm and filled with guidance and now, i’m the one left in charge of a group with different personalities and managers with very fast-paced lives. maybe it’s because i started out building my leadership skills in my previous company so i was dependent at that time. now, there are decisions that i have to make that i never thought i would have to before.  phew! my back is literally aching.
one good news though… i have finally managed to ask to take this monday off — just so i can breathe a little and unwind. most probably get a massage. and just watch dvds. in short, pig out. haha!
wondering why i’m laughing so much in my photos? that’s harry asking me to do his dance.LOL.
i’d like to thank karla bautista, by the way, for getting me these shoes. have been coveting F21 shoes for a long time now. anyone want to send me F21 shoes with free shipping?haha! i’d pay for the shoes.
grey graphic tee – maek by karla | grey pin-striped vest – thrifted
denim jeans – chillypapas | grey platform heels – forever 21 | black twined star necklace – props
blue spade ring – props | circular cuffs – props | pink sunnies – thrifted at manalili
and speaking of PROPS
there are awesome ring candies on my shop that are for sale from PROPS.
check it out!

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