look back once then move forward x cheers to 2013!

i’m in a bit of a panic here because not only is it another month, it’s another year and i’m still catching up with posts from december 2012. so i better hurry up then!
but before i proceed with my catch-up posts, here’s a quick look back into my 2012:

my favorite looks

it’s on this year that i have found a sense of style that is true to myself. over the last 3 years since i started my blog, i’ve been experimenting with various looks. this year, i’ve been more picky with my closet items when i shop and only get the ones that truly represent who i am.



falling in love all over again

i was civilly married last year however, it was only this year that Harry and i started planning for our Church wedding. we had our engagement session shot by the amazing Marlon Capuyan and it felt like day one with Harry all over again. 

how i took the risk and chose my passion

i may have spoken about resigning in October and choosing to do what i love but i don’t think i’ve discussed in detail what i actually do for a living now. my friend April and I launched Cuckoo Cloud Concepts back in October and as Harry would say it, “We’ve gone Cuckoo!”
cuckoo cloud concepts cebu wedding stylist cebu engagement session cebu wedding
Cuckoo Cloud Concepts specializes in styling and set design for engagement sessions that have a fun and quirky vibe. we love couples who’d like to tell a story with their engagement session and want to make a fun memory of their love story. we also style weddings for couples who want handmade elements in their wedding. so far, things have been unexpectedly good. we’re still starting a bit slow but there has been a lot of potential and upcoming opportunities. we are especially thankful for Marlon and Mildred for their support — as they’ve been there for us since the start. of course, our Mr. Cuckoos have been our number one fans. here are some of the work we’ve done — and you can check out our website and Facebook page for more details: 

what i did, resigning from a high-paying corporate job, is a great risk. honestly, i don’t have money to spend for personal stuff right now and my money is enough for day-by-day expenses but that’s okay. i’ve realized you have to undergo a bit of sacrifice to pursue something you love. i love fashion that’s why i have this blog but i’m also happy that i get to do a bit of that for the couples in their shoots. i’ve dipped my hands into DIY-ing again and it feels good knowing that i can create something beautiful with my hands. of course, i love weddings. am in love with weddings which makes this job all the more fun. so —

“hi, i’m gizelle. former sales and call center manager. now a happy stylist and set designer for Cuckoo Cloud Concepts. nice to meet you!” 

experienced Bloggers United twice!

a look back in words

in words, my twenty-twelve has been a roller coaster. it started really dark what with the tragedy my family experienced in january. we slowly had to move on from it to support my sister and i underwent hell at work, all while preparing for my wedding. i lost weight because i could only eat once a day due to work stress and my personal life almost faltered. but in the end, everything turned out well. the choices we make mold our lives to what we what we want them to be in the end. on December 22, i got married in front of God and our families in my dream bohemian wedding gown and to the love of my life, Harry. (and if some of you are wondering, i’m 28. not 22 so yes, it’s the right time for me get married. haha!)

happy new year everyone! 
here’s a year of fashion brilliance (or mistakes) and hopefully a whole wall of beautiful shoes by the end of year.

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  1. aaahhh i miss this blog. what a gorgeous look parade of yours along 2012. wish you have a delightful new year gizele. and of course congratulation for your wedding. you must be looked beautiful with wedding dress. i like your prewedding photos darling..



  2. have a wonderful year ahead and congrats! 🙂



  3. I Am Alexa says:

    Happy New Year, Gizelle! 🙂 Wishing you lots of love and happiness!



  4. Mela D. says:

    Happy new year Gizelle! All the best for 2013 <3

    Much love,


  5. omg such cute pictures of you two! and happy new year, may 2013 bring you more joy than 2012!


  6. Nike Onile says:

    What a year! Heres to another year of smiles and scoops of ice-cream Bella 🙂

    Nike O.


  7. Rand T says:

    wow amazing outfits and so inlove with the photos of you and your husband!


  8. SunnyToast says:

    What an amazing year you have:) This the first time I've seen your photos with your loving husband…ka inggit lang:)

    Yes, we can meet:) My pleasure add me on twitter so we can shot dm:)

    Wishing you a good year ahead!


  9. Loving your blog dear! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want…just let me know :3 <3



  10. Tima says:

    Wow I love your blog, its amazing!! Love the little bag and I look forward to future post!

    Editor & Chic


  11. Chyrel Gomez says:

    I'm so happy we got to be friends last 2012. Bongga kaayo imohang 2012, Gizelle. Haha! Cheers to love and happiness. =)


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