cramming like my life depends on it x BU4 pass winners!

harry and i started planning for our wedding in early february this year and i can’t believe that it’s literally just days away from our wedding. i sat up in bed the other night with only 5 hours of sleep from a drunken night from my bachelorette party and my mind is running like crazy, very much paranoid about all the things i still need to do for the wedding. see, i’ve opted to DIY my wedding reception — so the decor and ambiance will be a reflection of us. DIY-ing a wedding is hard, especially if it’s your own. so wish us luck. right now, my nails are blue from paint and my legs are smeared by glue and food coloring.

floral long-sleeved top – thrifted | denim cut-offs – thrifted | silver glitter flats – rubi, cotton on | neon pink belt – props | silver collar necklace – downtown find | camel fringe leather bag – urban originals | boho laptop bag – thrifted | bangles – braids and bonds

anyway, on to great news — here are the winners of the bloggers united 4 passes:

Tintin Olavia
Hazel Ann Uri
Kate Barretto Mira
Patrick Noel Genio
Daphne Villasin

congratulations and make sure to drop by our booth — can’t wait to meet all of you!

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