dress code: silver and pink

silver top – celine, thrifted | electropleated skirt – primal rave wholesale | chain belt – props | silver heels – makemechic.com | silver clutch – mom’s, sm department store

when i get invited to a wedding, i always tend to gravitate my outfit to the color motif of the event. if i can’t find the exact color, i’d wear the next shade. this time, the wedding called for pink and silver. i spent 2 hours looking through all the plastic bags of wholesale stocks in our house to find a pink outfit and found this hot pink skirt. i was all set then i got to the venue and i was the only one following instructions. LOL.
this was Glenn & Charity’s intimate afternoon wedding last December 10, 2011 held at the Redepmtorist Church. the blushing bride walked down the aisle in classic Charity style — with drama and grace. it was a day surely Glenn and Charity won’t forget. best wishes to the couple! oooh, i just love weddings and i can’t wait for mine. 

how about you? do you love weddings? what about them do you love?

photos below were taken by Marlon Capuyan, the super talented wedding photographer from Cebu, who is incidentally Mildred Zapanta‘s better half and whom i will definitely book for my own wedding. check out his website and be prepared to be in awe.

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