be kind, rewind four | transcending time

blue floral dress – thrifted | leopard-print wedges – shoe etiquette | braided belt – primal rave wholesale | cutout cuff – downtown find | rings: mustache, spike and lion – downtown finds

it always feels like Christmas to me whenever i find a good condition vintage dress for a steal (say, P50?). some vintage clothes have a certain wear and tear in them and some have the obviously dated fit. this floral dress is definitely one of my favorites — it has that old-style feel of the 50’s like something my grandma wore and its material is made of a thicker chiffon with a thicker lining (not those flimsy ones you find in clothes nowadays) but the fit and style transcends time. at least i think it does. i am just such a sucker for girly dresses with a certain whimsy or frill. 
be kind, rewind details: remember a year and a half ago that i wore this dress to formo? (mind you, i stood out and was definitely misplaced — photo below). paired it then with my Gold Dot Alfreda wedges and now i wanted to add more oomph to it by pairing it with a contrasting leopard print pair of wedges from Shoe Etiquette
how else would you style this dress? 
i’m sure there are a lot of ways and i can’t wait to recycle this on more occasions. 

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  1. Pretty and Fab Ate Gizelle 🙂 I told you, wala nadelete imung BLog 😀 Hihi .

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  2. kdawnsy says:

    love your wedges. Im thinking of getting something like that. Hmmm. 🙂 and the mustache ring ba is so cute and quirky :))


  3. dred says:

    yey for vintage dresses! at least you'll be assured you wouldn't be caught wearing the same dress with someone right next to you in the mall, right?

    if that were mine, i'll wear it to the office with my sky high heels. i also love to wear it with boots but in the office i prefer pumps coz people there don't get it until now that a dress can be paired with a boots. hahahaha


  4. Kathi Eric says:

    i say go indie and pair the dress with a cute vest and lace-up boots!

    ♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥


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