thank you, darleng

this was your signature pose, darleng and i sincerely pray you get just that — peace.
though we’re still all recovering from the shock and disbelief but it is indeed too soon to be associating you with the word “was.” well death, they say, is always on time and that we should accept it. for now, all we can do is remember not your death but the life you lived.
i have to admit, i wasn’t always your biggest fan. the relationship you had with my sister was, for the lack of a better word, confusing but it made perfect sense to the both of you. over the last 2 years, i have seen my sister mature and learn to be independent. she has grown up to be kinder, more considerate and level-headed and it wouldn’t have happened if not for you. i have seen her sincerely and inexplicably in love. my sister has learned what it is to truly love without inhibitions, without conditions. for that, darleng, i thank you with all my heart. you changed her life and in turn, you changed ours. you will forever be missed. we love you!
to my readers, who have been patient enough to hang on after 2 weeks of being MIA, thank you. my family went  through a shocking and tragic ordeal on the morning of Sinulog and we needed time to recover from the grief. my sister needs all the support so for now, i am a sister first, a wife second and a blogger third. as always, thank you for your support. life is a gift from God and we should cherish it everyday.

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  1. there are a lot of things i wanna say to at least send you the comfort you and your family needs…but the words ain't seem enough. So here's from me to you….*hugs*


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