cheers to 2012!

Good morning 2012!
the Sembrano tres marias — meeting 2012’s first sunrise! (forgive my sister Aimee, she doesn’t realize Cebu pavements are not as clean as Aussie’s..LOL!)
Mr. and Mrs. B’s first new year as a married couple! ♥ ♥ ♥
Harry, me and my kulit sister, Aimee!
Sam, Kate, Armand, Aimee, Me and Harry
i miss Armand! 
family’s night out? LOL.
Mr. and Mrs. B ~ Harry & Gizelle + Aimee + Mr. and Mrs. Tan ~ Warren & Charm
with the super hilarious Mary Ty, one of the amazing designers of MEGA YDC. our jaws hurt from laughing!

now, on to the outfit…

polka tent blouse – primal rave | bandage skirt – primal rave | black strappy heels – people are people
brass cuff – | feather necklace & brass layered necklace – downtown finds | rings – downtown finds

Aimee’s outfit: pink bandage dress with sleeve cutouts – primal rave | chain bag – vintage
leopard heels – people are people | necklace and bangles – downtown finds

can you guess what those things are beside the lion?

the polka dressing tradition continues! this is my 4th new year wearing polka — they say it’s good luck and brings in more money for the year! here’s to not just more money but more love, guidance from God, opportunities to seize and risks to take…
2011 was definitely a roller coaster ride for me. half the year were mornings where i didn’t know whether i wanted to wake up or just sleep through the day but i was blessed enough to realize life is too short and took mine back. 2011 blessed me with a job that i loved [all this time], a promotion, a fiance, a family reunion and fiinally, a husband. 
to 2012, may you bring as many opportunities and adventures as you’ve given in 2011 — only less confusion, heartache and drama. ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Angeli G. says:

    WOOOW! Congrats on getting married, Pay! I didn't know that you already got hitched! The last time I read your post, it was all about finding that dress! Hihi! Times flies so fast jud oi! :((
    Ohhh the lovely Sembrano sisters with matching show-stopping heels to boot! HNY darling! :))


  2. roanjean says:

    OMG Congrats Gizelle!!! I'm sure your 2012 will be a blast! 🙂


  3. Roxanne says:

    congratulations miss Gizelle! you really look happy on your pictures, I also wear polka dot tops every new year 🙂


  4. Congrats girl! Happy new year!



  5. Seems fun there! Happy new year 🙂 Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


  6. sigh says:

    Hi, i'm quite surprised that you already got married. Big Congratulations! What a wonderful start for you, your hubby and your sister, you really had a fun fun fun new year celebration.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂
    If you really want to reserve the tops that you liked from my shop, I can really reserve it for you.
    More power!


  7. tuwentytri says:

    Love your necklace 🙂 The whole outfit as well.
    Happy 2012 🙂


  8. mestizay says:

    A huge congratulations to the newly weds!!!!:D i want to thank u for leaving me the sweetest comments. U make me so kilig!
    Happy new year dear!


  9. Yolandaas says:

    omg loving the outfit.. x


  10. bongga the necklace! And that ring is sick! =) Happy new year! =)


  11. Gela says:

    i can't stop staring at your luscious, curly hair, Gizelle! so gorgeous!

    have a fantastic 2012! hope to get to see you again soon! 🙂

    boat ride through the sky


  12. dred says:

    awww you guys are “officially” together! i am so happy for you, mrs. B. 🙂

    wa jud palampasa ang polka dot oi.hehe happy new year pay! and it was nice to have bonded with you in 2011. 🙂


  13. Carmen says:

    Congrats, you look so sweet in these photos! Happy New Year!

    Carmen Ri.



    WHAT WHEN WHAT?!!?!!?

    TELL ME!!!

    I'm so excited for you!!!!!



  15. devishanty says:

    wow you went up the mountains to witness the fireworks all over the city? that's so cool. i never know you got married, congrats! anyway, i love your feather necklace 🙂



  16. Happy New Year!!! I hope 2012 will be the best year ever for all of us. I hope this year will be creative, full of passion and hope.


  17. E. Louise says:

    Congrats on finding and marrying your mate!! I wish you all the best!! Love your style it's so FUN!!

    New follower

    E. Louise


  18. Natasha says:

    Happy New Year Gizelle, have a good one! Love this outfit! xxx


  19. titaz says:

    you already married now!

    happy new yearr!
    have a great 2012, dear 🙂

    Hello from Indonesia!


  20. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Best wishes to you, love. Awww, happily ever after na gyud! Got me all kilig and makes me wanna get married. Chos!! Haha! Love your rings and shoes. 🙂


  21. Love that chain ring! The leopard print shoes with the hot pink dress looks fabulous as well ♥


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