oozing with 90’s goodness

i’ve had this blazer for a while but never had the chance to photograph it til’ now. i love that it’s linen so it’s not too warm and that it oozes with 90’s goodness because it’s over-sized, shoulder-padded and has these awesome bronze buttons. just perfectly reminiscent of the original 90210 and Saved by the Bell, huh? would you believe i got this blazer for only PHP 50? That’s $1 for you. i planned to write another thrifting entry following the art of thrifting post i did last year that illustrated when i started thrifting and my experiences that came along with it. i wanted to write about good spot for thrifting or ukay-ukay here in Cebu but decided against it. after all, even if everyone does it nowadays, there are still those secret spots we’d like to call our own. if you do want to really know, hit me up with an e-mail and i might just tell you. ♥ ♥ ♥

speaking of the 90’s, don’t you miss the original X-MEN and ninja turtles series with the deliciously sketched characters? i don’t know about you but nothing beats the good ol’ cartoons. the digital version of X-MEN right now just doesn’t do it for me — just lacked details and color depth. just saying. LOL.

and ooh, i’m brewing up a giveaway for all of you, especially my 900+ Facebook followers. thank you is not enough to tell you how grateful i am for continuing to follow my blah blahs. wait for it. i might post the giveaway on Sunday! ♥

navy blue linen blazer – thrifted
leopard-printed chiffon dress – bangkok find
brown studded wedge booties – shopyapi.com
studded bucket bag – bangkok find
rings: turtle connector – shopyapi.com | armor ring & skull ring – carbon finds
necklaces: elephant tusk – bangkok find | angel wing – DIY

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  1. this is fantastic! linen is one of my favorite textiles. also, the print on your dress pairs so well with the studded accents on your booties and bag. loves!


  2. I'm still on a hunt for the perfect blazer or something that will perfectly fit my midget figure! :p lovely dress!


  3. Lucky you for finding a linen blazer. I have “proper” blazers with “proper” lining but wearing them these days is suicide.


  4. I love the leopard printed dress! It's so adorable! I love it!

    <3 Kelly

    Ps I just want to let you know that I'ved moved to a new blog here. Please take a look and let me know what you think! 🙂


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