finally, the trouser gods heard me

i have always loathed trousers and non-denim pants not because i don’t like them as a piece of clothing for others but because it’s very hard to find a good pair that fits my oddly shaped body. in college, we had the option to wear pencil skirts or pants for our uniform. even when i was studying engineering and surrounded by guys, i opted for the pencil skirt because it was easier to wear. to bluntly say, the thing i hated the most about pants was how my crotch ate them. LOL. not to mention that my ass is huge and the pants accentuated it further, making it more embarrassing for me to wear them. when i hit the corporate world, others stocked up on slacks while i stocked up on button-up shirt dresses and more skirts. i never purposely scoured malls or department stores for those classic slacks and would only purchase one whenever i luckily find something at the thrift shop.
so you can imagine my delight when i tried on this pair of trousers. the crotch is not fitted, the pleats on the waist line makes for a forgiving shape and i just absolutely love that it’s made in linen which makes it oh so comfortable. in Bangkok, most shops only sell wholesale so you need to buy 3 items to get a good price. you can definitely guess that i bought 3 pairs of these in different colors. and oh, one awesome thing about this outfit — i finally got to wear my cape-like crocheted top. ♥ 
you’re asking about the necklace? oh that! it was a Forever 21 gift from Sweet of pens and lens when we met up in Bangkok. we were supposed to meet up in Forever 21 so she can finally buy me the pair of shoes as my prize on her last Fashion Stylist contest. unfortunately, they pulled out most of their stocks and didn’t have any size for i’d have to wait for my new pair. 
ps. i know i’ve been gone way too long. left for the Bangkok trip on February 24 and was so excited to get back and make a new post only to find out our internet hasn’t been working for days. it still isn’t and this is just one of those lucky nights that it is. i’m sneaking in commenting back on your blogs at work. *hush, don’t tell my boss*

black crocheted cape-like top – thrifted
black linen pleated trousers – Bangkok find
nude top used underneath – random
black heels – Forever 21
rhinestone & gold bohemian necklace – gifted from Sweet
stacks of bangles – carbon finds
bohemian armor ring | bow ring | snake ring – carbon finds

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  1. AVA T.♥ says:

    i love your trousers 😀 I've been searching for the perfect pair! You look so gorgeous!


  2. DaMnViXeN says:

    yes! i totally share your sentiments against pants! i refuse to wear slacks coz that would mean showcasing my err “goods”

    as for me, im not entertaining hopes of finding my perfect non-denim pants. i rest my case, that area is too dim. hehehe


  3. kate maggie says:

    I am so glad you got a pair of trousers! They suit you so well….seriously, could this outfit get any better? Its perfect! you have inspired me to wear my trousers this week!! 🙂 xoxo


  4. Sweet says:


    I did not see that the necklace really fits you…I was so preoccupied with my necklace hahahaha!!!! I love it…and yes the pants…oh good thing I am lucky to find a good pair but sometimes I hate it if it fits perfectly but I swear it's very long for my height bwhahahah bummer!!!

    I love the crochet top…you hair and yes you shoes and necklace…over all PERFECT!!!

    hope you internet is going to be okay love…



  5. ALYSSA says:

    I soo know how you feel with trousers and non denim pants! I am also oddly shaped with big thighs and they just look so weird on me. I suck it up when I have to dress professional for an interview or something though. Yay for finding a pair that looks great on you!!


  6. Y says:

    I love your lace crocheted crop top!


  7. Toni says:

    waaaah! i love everything here, Gizelle! from the necklace (i covet!), to your crochet top, your trousers(looove!) down to your heels! cant wait for more posts from BKK! 🙂

    Perfumed Red Shoes


  8. paaaaaiii! this is hands-down my favorite outfit to date. You look freaking hot. I love everything. wear this every day from now on hahaha!


  9. aiz kim says:

    love the knitted top, love the trousers, looove the accessories…damn you look hot! It really is such a bummer when our net connections bail out on us bloggers! Can't wait for your big project…


  10. WoW you have amazing hair! And the whole look is great…love it


  11. Len David says:

    Errrrr I want trousers like that!!!!! Oh gad you're so pretty in the first pic!! Your crotch eats pants!! :(((( In that case don't wear jogging pants!!! I have a friend who wears jogging pants a lot and she has a, uhm, kind of big, erm, bulging (?) vagaygay. And everytime i see her in those tight jogging pants, it almost feels like another lip is talking to me 😐


  12. most favorite outfit evur!!!! love love love it! you look hawt on this Gizelle… waaaaaa


  13. Roan says:

    Me likes the trousers zow much especially the pocket details! 😀 Namalit pud kog trousers last week kay dako na kaayo kog bagtak. Ayheyts. Haha!


  14. Laras Arum says:

    The pants looks good on you. love your crochet cape and beautiful accessories.


  15. Lisa says:

    I'm not a trouser girl either…mostly because of being forced to wear them for jobs I had in the past! These look great on you though. And I see you found a warm-weather cape 🙂

    A Fictional Blog


  16. Welcome back Gizelle.. =) Lovin' your black crochet and the gold bohemian necklace… =) How was your Bangkok trip? Do you have any pictures? Can't wait for you to blog that one.. =)


  17. cryskay says:

    thanks for visiting & your lovely comments. your crocheted top is gorgeous. i am in love with you! xo


  18. Meream says:

    You, me, and Toni put up trouser posts at the same time! Hahaha


  19. Merowyn says:

    I freaking LOVE these!!!


  20. Rosy says:

    great outfit!


  21. Kara says:

    Lady you look stunning!! Black is definitely your colour and those trousers are perfection! 🙂



  22. Nikki says:

    dang it! I am in love with that necklace ^^its such a nice statement piece ^^My boyfriends is my photographer too. he has fun taking the pictures, he just never understood where I used them for :p If he finishes his homework we can go on a shoot out in the harbour. I love the scenery over there. It's so nice that he studies in Antwerp so I can get to visit the city every week ^^x


  23. These pants are is good choice to buy three pairs!
    Thank you for sweet comment!

    Following you now!


  24. coming from a girl without a butt, super inggit ako! hahaha! congrats on finding a nice pair!:) i'm inlove with your embroidered cape!



  25. cherie says:

    those trousers look so good on you! and the crochet top is just the perfect top for it too. I have a hard time finding trousers too,i mean i only have two pairs of jeans!


  26. Daf Benosa says:

    i love your necklace! and the trousers look awesome on you! i never tried them, i'm afraid they might look horrible on me. 😐


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