worn to death

there were periods in my life where i’d choose a piece of clothing as my favorite and never stop wearing them until i wear them out or in the case of my pleated khakis, until my cousin called out my attention that i’ve always been wearing them. i think all of us can relate to this — having a shirt or dress that tends go through the washer more than it should for its own sake.Β 
in the early years of grade school, i had this ‘rosalinda’ floral dress with cross straps at the back that i never stopped wearing, even to play chinese garter with friends in the neighborhood. in 5th – 6th grade, i had a pair of short overalls that i wore almost every week because it was just sooo comfortable and i loved styling it in different ways just as Tai, played by Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.), did in Clueless when she was at a party with Cher and she had nothing else to do but style her overalls. in high school, i wore the aforementioned pleated khaki pants to death — with white tank tops or button-up shirts andΒ my brown platforms (ala Spice Girls). i went through college and couldn’t stop wearing my trusty old vintage tee that i thrifted which had vintage cars lined all over the front.
now i think this stripe tee with sequined pockets is going to be my new overused piece of clothing. i wore it on the last day in Bangkok and right after it went through the laundry, i had to wear it again for a meeting with an accessories designer. right now, it’s sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again —maybe next time with my new pleated pants.
ps. isn’t mr. fox just adorable? i bought it for only 70 baht and i had to buy two items to get it at that price. imagine my panic when i couldn’t find any other ring that fit me because the rest were all too big. good thing they considered a necklace as the other item.
striped tee with sequined pocket – platinum mall, bangkok
paper bag pleated skirt – thrifted
faux snake skin belt – borrowed from mom
grey flats with metallic details – gifted from big sister
bangles: gun-metal one – carbon find | braided beads – chatuchak, bangkok
round imprinted necklace – gifted from gelie
mr. fox ring – platinum mall, bangkok

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  1. i love the gray ensemble of your outfit,G!and again you have a great collection of beautiful accessories.
    and talking about overused?nah…almost all my clothes are overused kay gamay ra kaau kog sinina.hahaha


  2. Mr. Fox is a cutie!

    I can relate to over-using some items. Sometimes, that makes me a boring style blogger. Haha. I use my oxfords A LOT! πŸ˜€


  3. i totally can relate to certain-wardrobe-overuse. Am so in love with tunics, i wear them practically everyday til i run out of options! (you made me laugh with the chinese garter thing….i used to play that too even in my skirt)


  4. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE. I love love love the pleats. Looks like it'd be a fun outfit to spin around in!

    And I know what you mean – I most DEFINITELY have the tendency to love some of my pieces a little too much! πŸ™‚ Especially when I was a kid. Can't believe that silly blue dress lasted for so long, such a TROOPER..



  5. i totally know what you mean haha – when i had a favourite piece of clothing, i wear it to death 😦 and then i try not to wear it as much so it doesn't actually die! hahah. i definitely love that tee though – very versatile πŸ™‚


  6. Love the tee Gizelle, and Mr. Fox is so cute hahahah…great finds love!!!!

    I also experienced that…I guess for a gazillion times already…you cannot bargain comfort over other tops hehehe…



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