what would you wear?

even if my feet would ache terribly and eventually die all-together from my 5 inch heels, i’d still wear this out if  i could attend the Philippine Fashion Week. this is of course, if i’m invited and if i’d be one of the other fashion bloggers invited to the event. there’s really nothing special with this outfit but it’s a perfect representation of me: vintage and a little bit of boho rock. and yes, my dress is thrifted too — a printed electric-pleated dress with a ruffled neckline that used to be knee-length. i asked my dad to trim off some length, added a black studded belt and black leggings, tall heels and my signature stacks of bangles and a couple of rings. i’ve come to prove that style doesn’t have to be expensive. (on the details below, i’ll list the prices of the items in this outfit.)

september is the start of the fashion year with fashion week events all over the world. as i’m still comfortably stuck on my seat just watching the week in amazement on the internet, i’m just participating in Chicisimo’s septemer event — What would you wear to the Philippines’ Fashion Week? Paxie of Drowning Equilibriums is the co-organizer of this event here in the Philippines and she is definitely one fabulous gal. so let’s play a game. participate here:

vintage orange printed, eletric-pleated dress – thrifted, php 180
black leggings – random, php 150
black cutout heels – forever 21, php 1500
black belt with gold ring studs – pratunam find, 50 baht
bangles:  plastic faux gold – props, php 100 | braided beads – chatuchak, 30 baht
butterfly ring – gifted from sweet

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  1. love the vintage vibe of your outfit gizelle and the color is awesome too! i remember the first time I went to Phil Fashion Week, my bf teased me a lot but it was a lot of fun!


  2. When I saw this last night I was like…okay what will I wear hahahah!!!! I really dig inside my closet to check what is the best thing to wear…

    I think I will take a photo tomorrow and dress up….

    love the shoes hun and the top is very comfortable…and yey!!! glad you loved the butterfly ring…



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