back to the grind

after every adventure, i know i must snap myself back to reality. responsibilities await and i have to work my ass off to be able to travel and of course, shop excessively again. i never thought i would say this but after that 5-day shopping stint in Bangkok, i have to admit that i found myself to be such a shopaholic.ย 
it’s a holiday in the Philippines today as we celebrate the end of Ramadan. although i’m a Christian, our country does consist of a significant percentage of Muslim people and respecting that is one good step to attaining peace here. anyway, i was totally preparing myself to write the articles that have been waiting for me since i arrived but after 5 hours in front of the computer, i just couldn’t bring myself to do so. don’t get me wrong, i love writing but i’ve sort of been drained of motivation to write. writing these articles would mean extra moolah for me and i don’t understand why i can’t just write a few 300-word articles. (you need to set your priorities, Gizelle!)

floral shirt dress – mom’s closet
leopard-printed flats – parisian, sm dept store
brown braided belt – borrowed from sis
brown bag – platinum mall, bangkok
wooden bangles: brown and green – raw materials store, cebu
stone rings: teal stone and burnt orange – props
elephant necklace – carbon find

just a quick update on my recent job switch: i am still very much loving it but am slowly pressured on how else i am going to get more clients for Drawingboard Creative Studios. i guess that’s how it’s always going to be in the field of sales and marketing. and while we’re mentioning my company, might as well promote it a little here. better yet, let’s get the version one of the Drawingboard portfolio to do the talking:

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  1. Love this dress with the leopard flats!

    Glad you had a great vacation. But they are such a tease once you get back to reality! Haha


  2. wait. do you mean, literally, your mom's closet? or is that a local store i don't know about? haha

    I love that shirt dress, in other words ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Was typing with one hand before that last sentence, hence, the non-caps.:D)


  3. working mode Gizelle….its fun to work on day time but sometime we wish it will be a little bit adventurous and FUN just like before hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

    hoping for you to get more clients dear…I know you can do it!!!!

    more clients more shopping mode for you…can't wait for you to come back in Bangkok!!!!



  4. sorry for taking eons to reply! anyways…
    the print of the dress is so pretty, i think you pull it off better than i ever could! i love the flats as well, nothing like a touch of leopard.


  5. YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE. Turquoise looks so good on you. And you accessorized 'er perfectly: brown and tuquoise are ALWAYS a winner in my books!

    Glad you're liking your new job, gurl!


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