bangkok tales episode six: i wish we can stay longer…

so it’s out last day. with the visit to safari world, i am utterly torn between loving elephants or giraffes! giraffes are just gorgeous…i love their eyes and how amazing their print is. i love that they have somehow evolved long necks to survive and adapt to the changing world. i once saw a discovery channel feature on crescent island in africa which made me cry and made me long to see a giraffe…so i don’t know, i’m torn. (listen to me talking like crazy here…haha!)

overall, bangkok was a blast —- the shopping there is the best! and the food, my gosh, is just incredible. what i didn’t like though was the terrible traffic and the very humid and hot weather.there were some family drama that went on but it was still all worth it. i cannot wait to go back to bangkok and do more serious shopping! no more tours, just SHOPPING.

ps. the double belts was a crazy idea that didn’t turn out too well, i know. armand wanted to take off his brown belt (mine was tan) and i wanted to try and wear both of them.

striped tee with sequined pocket – platinum mall, bangkok
polka dot shorts – pratunam, bangkok
woven oversized hat – khaosan road, bangkok
grey espadrilles – carcar, cebu
black bag – nine west

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17 thoughts on “bangkok tales episode six: i wish we can stay longer…

  1. i love giraffes too !
    i think they're very elegant and pretty !

    its so cute to see u all decked in similar hats !
    hahaha i liked the double blt attempt ! mayb you can try criss crossing them so they look like they're made together ? (that was just a suggestions which im nt sure it'll work..ehhee)


  2. Putting on those belts looks okay! It looks like a belt with two shades. Or it's just me? Haha anyway, your polka shorts is puhretty 🙂


    – Roan


  3. all good things must come to an end eventually. the good news is we could always go back for more! i also had a belt disaster, which turned out pretty well i think. i bought a braided leather belt that was unexpectedly oversized so i ended up intertwining the excess length.


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