passion over knowledge or vice versa

i was feeling a bit anxious about my recent choice to resign yesterday that i was only able to sleep 3 hours before my shift at 8:00 PM. anxiety meant i needed to talk to someone and just ramble away my issues. sometimes i just write my feelings down but yesterday, i needed a friend. i also have a feeling that these small anxiety attacks would surface every now and then in the days leading up to my resignation and yeah, maybe during my rest. i am after all applying for other jobs outside the call center industry. so i will be needing a friend more often and harry would just have to put up with my mood swings (as always).
i got a chance to talk to my friend, canence, who has always been the one who talked sense or logic to me whenever i am down. we talked about this rut that we’re in and about our plans to resign from our current jobs. i told her thatΒ  i don’t have a back-up job i can fall to when i resign and that i am scared shitless because i don’t know what to do. she told me that unlike her who doesn’t know what she’s passionate about, it’s good that i am passionate about fashion and that i should pursue it. i told her that i have always been jealous of how she’s getting certified at networking (cisco) and have been expanding her knowledge that she can easily land a job anywhere. i only have my experience to back me up because i graduated with a degree in computer engineering but i wasted my 5 years in college because i can’t remember a thing about what i majored in. know what she told me? she says she feels that her knowledge is just on the surface and have nothing to back it up. well, i have passion, but not have too much knowledge to back it up.
passion over knowledge? or knowledge over passion? what do you think?

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  1. hi.
    i know you're in a situation that's way too mind-boggling. been that situation too…
    it's too hard to choose from passion vs. knowlegde or vice versa…but then, i may say that both must go hand in hand if we aim for success…we can be passionate at one thing but know a litte – how ca you succeed?, we may be very knowledgable at something but your interest and passion is on other 'things' how will you enjoy, how will you succeed? i may say this again: PASSION + KNOWLEDGE = SUCEESS…
    hope this can lighten you a bit.
    wish you luck, be praying for your enlightenment.


  2. in my opinion giz, when you have the passion for something, knowledge almost always come hand in hand with it. although sometimes some find passion in the course of their quest for knowledge, it would sort of grow on you.

    Kudos to your assertiveness, this one is something you'd have to see for yourself..

    The ViXeN's LaiR


  3. definitely passion over knowledge, cos that's what will count when push comes to shove and things get hard…well that's my 2 cents πŸ™‚

    love your studded top btw!


  4. passion drives anything! πŸ™‚ if you have passion, you have all that force to push yourself to acquire that knowledge. πŸ™‚

    Love the studs on the sleeves of your top! I feel like I want to go to Cebu one day and just meet you. Haha!

    Your situation is normal. Everyone's been there at some point in life. You'll get through it. Maybe you don't know yet how, but you'll surprise yourself cuz you will!

    Melai πŸ™‚


  5. Wow, this post really got me thinking, there are two sides to me, there's the musician+artist+photographer and there's the science freak, I loovee all forms of art (including fashion) but I'm going to be a doctor, slowly these two sides are melding into one so I don't know which one to choose. I'll say something really cheesy but follow your heart, but don't forget to get good counsel too.



  6. that is a difficult choice you made!
    regarding passion or knowledge. you don't have to choose between them. I you are passionate about fashion knowledge will come. you start intering (paid of course) to learn more before going for a job for instacne!

    good luck


  7. aww darling thats a hard one. i've been through the same phase recently..i think passion is the key to be successful and happy because you wont be motivated to do the same thing over and over again if you're not passionate about.

    anyway cute top! love the studds.



  8. I've handed in my resignation as well, and I'm going to move back to the home country of my mother, to do another bachelor+master. I was scared, and I still am, but it's feeling like the best thing to do for me. I'm leaving behind my friends and family to strat a whole new life again.
    When you follow your passion, you will find a way to knowledge. (Or at least I hope so!!)
    Good luck!


  9. lovely top, i love the sleeves! and i think it depends on which you believe is stronger in your life, and which one makes you happier.


  10. well, doesn't knowledge usually follow when you have the passion for something? i don't know, but, however cheesy it may sound, following your heart is usually the way to go! especially since it looks like you've been practical most of your life, based on your last job, so i think it's about time to go for what you really want. take a leap of faith! πŸ™‚


    boat ride through the sky


  11. you absolutely lovely here giselle !
    its good that we have similar weathers πŸ™‚ i can tell that the weather seems to be hotter because you were shorts almost the whole time !


  12. love the relaxed look. and i agree with the comments above, knowledge follows when you have the passion and want to pursue it πŸ™‚

    hope you get some rest!


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