juvenile and loving it

everytime i think of the arcade, i remember high school. the days when we didn’t own cellphones and when my friends and i meet each other at the mall, we’d have to stay put and wait at the agreed spot because if you leave, you will get lost. the meeting place was always timezone, national bookstore or haha, i hate to say this but ‘blue magic…’ LOL. (for those who grew up in cebu city during the late 1990’s — 1997 to 2000, you know what i mean!) those were the days when all we have is P50 in our pockets and all we do in the mall is eat a couple of snacks (mcdonald’s fries or ice cream) and follow our crushes around. no, not follow but stalk! line up at photo booths and have our pictures taken, wait for 2 hours for it to get developed so we stalk our crushes again! oh, take me back to high school where life was simple. 
ps. will be going back to daanbantayan this weekend so i will see you guys this monday when we get back…in my last attempt to gather in the rays and soak in salt water. this is for april’s post-nuptial trash-the-dress shoot! 
polka top – thrifted (my mom’s)
folded denim shorts – props
navy blue flats with rhinestones – parisian
thin white belt – random
white bag – mongkok ladies’ market, hk
rings: black oval – props, square stone ring – random
gun-metal silver bangles – props | random

Follow vanilla ice cream


  1. RE: DSLRs are sold out everywhere as well here ! esp when affordable line of dslrs are now available !
    there's alot of people who buy dslr because they think its look cool -___-” and they dont even understand the basic setting modes..

    anywayyy.. i love ur polkadot top very much !!
    the white belt is a nice final touch !


  2. WAH!! I've been to that arcade 😉 You're going to Daanbantayan!! My dad is from Mayjo which is a part of Daanbantayan. Oh my god have SO much fun!! Can't wait to see your photos when you get back, I wish I was there!

    + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + + +


  3. cute polka dot blouse! i love how you dressed down the blouse with denim shorts, fun outfit!



  4. You look so adorable. Polka dots and a big bow tie are sure to do the trick! LOVE it.

    And, I never thought about it, but it's so true about needing to stay at one place when you lack texting. Someone once told me life was so much better before phones, because people would never ditch plans last minute back then! Haha.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. I love your flats and accessories!
    Btw, all that you described sounded a lot like my high school in Australia. We loved posing in photobooths and following cute boys around. hahaha LAME 😀


  6. Your message and prayers helped me through a rough patch, Gizelle … I cannot thank you enough.

    I miss you and your wonderful blog!


  7. i love those simple days.
    and you think its just so much more complicated when you grow up and have responsibility!

    looks like you had wonderful fun!


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