summer of one-oh! ocean series: island love

 some people are allergic to the beach — some by conscious choice, while others really break out and have rashes. if i were either, i would rather die. i love and live by the beach. this is our farewell to summer.
on may 29 and 30, my family and i headed north west to the island of bantayan. while my sisters and i have been there 3 or 4 times on different occassions, it was my mom and dad’s first time there. both of them having recently reached 60, they have resolved to travel as much as they can. that was one of the big pushes for our hongkong trip last november 2009 and for our upcoming bangkok trip this august 2010. 
we stayed at marlin’s resort. ironically, just a day before our trip, it was on the news that sea walls in Region 7 beaches are to be destroyed as they are badly affecting the environment.  they change the course of waves. in my perspective, they ought to be destroyed too.  long stretches of beach looks much better and natural for me. the destruction was taking place right when we arrived so the first day was a chillout day. aimee and i came from our night shifts (aimee being a nurse) so we were pretty tired. my big sister just simply doesn’t function well during the day…so she says she was tired too…buhu. we just stayed in, most of the afternoon, munching on chips deluxe (yum!), cheetos and popcorn, watching tv and laughing with mom and dad. swimming was only later in the afternoon when the workers left for day. for dinner, we had pizza at balikbayan restaurant — just 2 blocks away from our resort. definitely a must-try when you’re in bantayan!
more of day two on the next post!
on me:
floral bikini – props (yes, props is a store in SM)
white embroidered dress – thrifted
brown wooden bangles – raw materials from manalili
purple wooden bangle – props
faux gold bangles – a gift from india
brown sunnies – thrifted at carbon
on aimee:
white tank top – metro kids’ section
striped jumper – thrifted
yellow sunnies – thrifted at carbon

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  1. love the wooden bangles and the wayfarers! They really add a warm organic touch to your outfit and is the perfect compliment to the surroundings!


  2. “Some people are allergic to the beach” – what a wonderful words as they 100% describe my parents! WOWZA. They're always the dorks hiding indoors and bathing in sunscreen and novels. Haha!

    Definitely looks and sounds like you had an amazing time!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  3. now this post makes me miss Cebu Gizelle, arrgghh that is the great thing about living on our beautiful island…(heavy sigh) anyways, love the white dress/cover up…the beach looks very tempting arrrghhh!!!

    how's your shoulder???

    take care
    much love,


  4. You look wonderful don’t really know a person that could pull off bright colors like you do hun!…………am so glad
    You had fun!
    Talk to you soon♥


  5. hi! nice beach and white dress! I am recovering now, and I think and feel i AM GETTING BETTER. About the jeggings? Do you have pictures of it? I am really looking for one ksi hehe 🙂


  6. aww that last shot is absolutely gorgeous! that white dress/cover-up is perfect for the summer and the beach. 🙂


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