one thing i dearly miss

 it may just be glee’s madonna episode and their rendition of ‘what it feels like for a girl’ or that the last time i performed was 2 years ago at outpost for a company christmas party… BUT i miss singing so much. it used to be my outlet for feelings i can’t express….for desperation on unrequited love…for the confusion i felt as a teen…sometimes for the anger… the rush of standing in front of people was inexplicable. 
both my mom and dad worked when i was young. so when school was out, my dad would bring me to his clinic and just leave me beside the stereo and he would find me there all day, singing. as a kid, i’d either be singing or drawing on my sketchpad or doing both. sometimes i’m not aware of it, but i’d turn up the volume on our old boom box and just play madonna, lisa loeb or jewel all day and just sing. and yes, i used to sing a lot of jennifer love hewitt songs too.
i miss just belting out in my room.
i miss practicing songs in our house and singing renditions of songs i loved.
i miss the feeling of freedom singing gives to me.
i miss just having fun singing with people.
now if only i can find someone to play the guitar for me.

(photo details: all tanned (too tan actually..LOL) singing at kahayag in 2006)

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  1. Hey Gizelle,

    I miss singing too AND dancing…which I myself use to also do alot of 🙂 As for GLEE, that eposide was RAD!!! Although, I didn't agree with Will giving Emma a card for thearpy, just because “she'd never been touched before” –my reason is long, I won't list it ha, but I didn't agree quite…I might be the only one. Overall, the eposide seemed RUSHED a tad, but the video was cool! Gotta LOVE GLEE!


  2. Is that you in the photo? You look utterly joyous. I think being able to sing is an amazing talent. One I;m truly envious of!


  3. Oh, I just watched a couple of glee episodes, what a coincidence! And dearie, you don't need someone to play the guitar for you to sing:P Just belt it out acapella haha!

    I'm lucky I get to sing back up almost every week in church:)


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